300+ Miles in Two Days

Saturday is nearing to a close and so is our trip. I just returned our rental car, we had it for two days, and noticed that I logged 300+ miles! Driving to Cupertino then Oakland, back to San Francisco, then to Napa Valley and back to San Francisco will do that.

A Visit to Apple’s Company Store

First of all, the Apple Company Store looked like what ALL Apple Retail Stores should look like! They had everything a typical Apple Retail Store has, including iPods, MacBooks, iMacs and accessories. The main difference between the Company Store and the Retail Store is that that store at 1 Infinite Loop (Apple Headquarters) has official Apple gear! And being the Apple freak that I am, I felt like a kid in a candy store – much like those kids in Willy Wonka. I was overwhelmed, or should I say, iOverwhelmed. By the time I reached the checkout, it felt like I had one of everything. I practically did get one of everything. My trip to the mothership was definitely worth it. I can’t wait for the next visit!