Koa Pancake House

So Michelle and I had a chance to check out Koa Pancake House. They seem to be popping up everywhere on Oahu nowadays. The first Koa’s opened up in Kaneohe in 1987, and then in 2004 two more locations popped up in Wahiawa and Aiea. More recently, locations opened in Waipahu and Salt Lake.

It’s not like I haven’t been to one of these before, I have eaten at Koa’s at least twice! Once in Wahiawa and once at the Salt Lake location. But having never blogged about Koa’s, I thought this was a good opportunity to talk about it since it was fresh in my mind and stomach.

This most recent trip to Koa’s saw me indulge in an ono (great tasting, for the non local folk) omelette filled with bacon, spinach and cheese with fried potatoes on the side. I originally had ordered pancakes on the side (omelette’s at Koa’s come with your choce of side, either the namesake pancakes, rice, or fried potatoes) but I did a switch-a-roo at the least minute. Michelle decided to indulge a bit and went for something a little sweeter. She had the crepe suzettes, filled with fresh strawberries and bananas. 

I am a big omelette fan and I was not disappointed with this Koa branded omelette. The serving size was perfect. Often times, omelettes are either too humungous or too small, the Koa omelette was just right for my tummy. I’m not so big on the starch, so I had a few of those cute fried potatoes coupled them with some ketchup and they were the perfect side for my omelette. My dish felt very homemade (which is a good thing), right down to the paper plate it was served in. 

While I gobbled up my omelette, Michelle had the daunting task of finishing three very plump crepes! I think she enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed my omelette as she complimented on the freshness of the fruit filled crepe. It may have been a bit much for her small stature as we left Koa’s with an extra crepe in hand! 

Service at Koa’s was just OK. I prefer the service at the Wahiawa location, the “older” ladies that take the orders there make the experience that much more “local” authentic. The Waipahu location was flooded with young, filipino waitresses – who didn’t seem very happy with doing their job. I think they need to borrow the chapter on how to be happy that all Jamba Juice workers read before starting work! Breakfast is all about fun eating, girls!

The line was non-existent when we arrived. This was most likely due to timing, we decided on a late breakfast, 12:30 pm! If you go during the morning rush hours, between 8 and 11, you will surely be in a line leading out of the front door. If you plan to visit Koa’s during traditional breakfast times, be prepared to wait and drool as you are left to wait in line and watch as other early birds gobble down their meals! 

Koa Pancake House (Waipahu)
94-050 Farrington HWY#C1-2
Waipahu, HI 96797

Other Locations: Kaneohe, Aiea, Salt Lake