The Cream Pot

The Crème Pot is a relatively new eatery that opened up its kitchen this past February. It’s clean, cute and frilly with lots of flowers, lace and pastel colored pattern thingies. Although the eats are heterosexual, the décor is definitively geared toward those with less testosterone and more estrogen.

Enough about the décor. The food at this cutesy little European styled restaurant at the Waikiki Monarch Hotel totally delivered. I indulged in a nice serving of Belgian waffles. The waffles came topped with a lovely butter topping, maple syrup and powdered sugar and fresh bananas. The waffles were out of this world good! The syrup and butter topping did not overpower the taste of the waffles. It’s not unusual for me to only eat half the plate when ordering pancakes or waffles but to my surprise I was able to gobble up the hearty serving of waffles in its entirety.

I’m usually an eggs and bacon kind of guy, so luckily, Michelle and I ordered some maple bacon and baked eggs with potatoes on the side. The eggs were incredibly good even though the side of bacon was disappointingly small. Michelle ordered a breakfast set that included an omelet served with rice and greens as well as a crepe with fresh bananas.

If you’re into breakfast then The Crème pot is a must visit. We ended up paying about $45 for a breakfast for two. The prices are on the high end, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. What you get is a great breakfast with quick, efficient and friendly service (not to mention lots of girly decor!). 

The Cream Pot
44 Niu St.
Hawaiian Monarch Hotel Waikiki
Honolulu, HI 96815 
(808) 429-0945


  1. mchelle says

    I would definitely go back, even though it was quite pricey. The staff there were really nice. Hope they stay in business since a number of restaurants have been closing down due to our current economic state. Trying to figure out which of my “girly” friends to bring there. Would be a good place to bring someone who just got engaged since it looks so frilly. hehe.

    Well, I am looking forward to trying that baked eggs dish with shrimp and spinach, since they ran out of shrimp when we went. Hmm, I wouldn’t mind trying the salmon omelet, either.

  2. says

    I wouldn’t mind trying the salmon omelet as well. It’s a shame that the baked eggs dish with shrimp and spinach was out. Shucks.

  3. Candy says

    I’ve been here once and I doubt about their service.
    They’re so friendly only to native English speaker maybe.
    Since I understand Japanese, I heard waitress’ conversation who were Japanese. They’re saying like no need to serve another coffee to Japanese tourist since they’d not come back anymore ! I couldn’t believe it.
    They also said that is owner’s policy. Oh, my Gosh…