Nutella and Pretzels

If you live in Hawaii then you most likely have not heard of Nutella. Made by the same company that produces the delectable Ferrero Rocher treats, Nutella is an internationally popular a hazelnut based spread.

I recently had a chance to get my hands on this nutty delight from a buddy (HARYAN) who brought some back for me from Boston. It is often used as a spread on breads but being the bread deprived grad student that I am I had to improvise with what I had available. Utz Organic Pretzels were available so that’s what I decided to use as my Nutella dipping device. To my surprise the combination of the slightly salted pretzel complimented the sweetness of the Nutella.

If you’ve got some Nutella and a few pretzels on hand then I recommend that you give this combination a try! But be careful, the calorie count from the Nutella will be killer!


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