1. mchelle says

    OMG, you really did it, huh? Well, good job on your pilot episode. May want to shorten it, though, and start a format to base your future episodes on just so that there’s some structure. ;)

  2. HARYAN says

    OH-EMM-GEE. it turned out alright actually. michelle’s right… it’s TOO long!!! the tweet segment was cool… it could be funny. you should have live webcasts eventually! the begging for free stuff was hilarious! you can hear the fan blowing in the background, i dunno about using your couch in the background (ghetto!), and i think using insets within the video would help a lot. good job cotz!

  3. says

    OH-EMM-GEE. That should be a T-Shirt. Hahaha….I found some cool cheap T-Shirt places online @rsalvado12 interested?!