Cher Not Catwoman

Well, I mentioned earlier last week that Cher was rumored to be cast as the next Catwoman. Fortunately, it looks like those casting rumors have been debunked! Warner Bros. representative has officially stated that “those casting rumors are untrue.” Thank goodness, watching an aged Catwoman purrring on the big screen in the final installation of Nolan’s Batman series would have NOT have been a prrrr-fect ending to a thus far perfect series of films.

I’ve already discussed a bit here why I think Catwoman should be passed on for another quality villain, but should Nolan decide to bring her back for a third time to the big screen then these would be my top 3 choices of actresses to play The Cat.

1. Angelina Jole. This one is a no-brainer. She looks perfect for the role and imagine how she would look in that Catwoman suit (no, not the disastrous Halle Berry version).

2. Eva Green. She played the nice girl turned naughty girl, Vesper Lynd, in 2006’s Casino Royale. She’s fresh and she’s young and I think Nolan would have a lot to work with should he pick Green.

3. Hilary Swank. Having won two academy awards, she’s definitely got the acting chomps to pull off the role as the expert burglar. She doesn’t have that sexy look of an Angelina Jolie, but she does scream female empowerment, which is what Catwoman is all about. If Nolan were to portray a Batman: Year One type Catwoman than I think Swank would fit the bill. 

Who do you guys think would be the perfect Catwoman?


  1. says

    How about Charlize Theron? She seemed pretty kick-ass in Hancock as a superhero. Or Uma Thurman, if they still wanted to go for a older cougar type. or natalie portman? she seems all innocent and all, but she can have that bad side too. actually, she would be an awesome harley!?! uma be poison ivy, and charlize as catwoman! the third installment should include all female villains/love interests. hahaha!

  2. says

    Charlize Theron, oh yeah, great choice. She did look good in Aeon Flux, even though that movie sucked balls.

    Uma Thurman, nah, she’s nearing 40 so unless they plan to do a cougar version of Catwoman I say no.

  3. joelsabugo says

    Big no to Uma Thurman! Charlize Theron is a good choice. I’m not too sure about Natalie Portman. But I think the top choice is Angelina Jolie.