Please Dress Me Review, Hit or Bust?

So Gary Vaynerchuk, head honcho, founding father and spokesman of the Wine Library enterprise (Wine Library TV and the Wine Library Store) has started a new venture with brother AJ Vaynerchuk and Digg architect Joe Stump. That new venture is a T-Shirt search engine. Yep, that’s right, a T-Shirt search engine, something totally unrelated to Vay-ner-chuks expertise in wine and inspirational speaking. 

Is Please Dress Me as good as Wine Library TV? Is Please Dress Me functional and useable, meaning, does it yield good search results? First of all, no, Please Dress Me is not as good as Vaynerchucks’ Wine Library venture. Yet. The reason why it’s not yet as good as Wine Library TV is because of something that it lacks. Don’t get me wrong, the Please Dress Me site looks gorgeous, but unlike Gary’s other venture, it lacks character. See, with Wine Library TV, you knew it was credible because of Vaynerchuks tenacity and love for the topic. If you’ve seen his Wine Library TV podcasts then you know how passionate he is about wine. In other words, Wine Library TV brings the thunder, whereas Please Dress Me does not. Do these guys really love T-Shirts or is this just a side hobby of sorts just because they have the cash to play with? Indie tee designers are a passionate bunch. Gary, AJ and Joe, are you guys passionate about tees?

The concept of a T-Shirt search engine is great. Imagine a tee specific search engine that you can use to search for all the Darth Vader tees that are available online and which will yield you a substantial number of search results (because we know there are a ton of Vader search in InternetLAND). Conceptually, this is a great idea. However, it seems like Please Dress Me (as expected) is going through growing pains because a search for Darth Vader shirts yielded me just a single tee, and it was a familiar Threadless tee to boot instead of something new. Conversely, a Darth Vader search yielded me more than 10 pages of results. Yes, thats a lot to shuffle through, but quickly switching to image views I can pick out the ones I like easily, and google even yielded the same green Threadless Darth Vader shirt that the Please Dress Me search yielded. For the site to be useable you need to yield more results, especially when searching for Darth Vader!

One feature that I do like is the ability to search by price point, this is a nice feature as you can search for tees specific to your budget. Those that like to use only particular colors, say eggplant green, can also search by color. 

One problem that I recognize is the inability for users to add tees to the site. No doubt that they have big time companies indexed, like Threadless, but what about the little guy. What about Indie tee designers? At the moment, users cannot add tees to the site themselves, they have to go through the tedious loop hole of emailing their tee info to the Please Dress Me staff. Adding an “Add Tee” feature would make your site that much more robust and more appealing to the little guy. 

Having said that, I think Please Dress Me has a lot of potential. The growing pains are present, but, with Vaynerchuks’ experience, and hopefully passion for tees, we’ll see a lot of growth and development.


  1. says

    Hey Gary! First of all, DAMN! Can’t believe you left a comment on my blog. I guess you really are trying to connect with every person on Earth. Anyhow, your comment here is equivalent to me taking free throws with the 1992 USA Dream Team. I’m a huge fan of WLTV and check out your blog often. Your blogs posts often inspire me to keep up with this blog.

    Anyhow, I’m glad that you took the time to check the review out and more so that you thought it was an honest one!

    From your Twitter updates I can see that you guys are hard at work at making Please Dress Me fulfill its potential. I look forward to all the futures updates to come.

  2. says

    @ZaggedEdge for sure, I was writing it up as you were posting this message!

    And I’ll be doing an updated post on PDM talking about all new features as much has changed and improved since this post!

  3. Quakerninja says

    I would like to see please dress me make a comeback.
    Coty nailed it on the head, Tee shirt designers are a passionate bunch. They are also a picky bunch. The first words out of most of our mouths are this shirt sucks, no dice go home, next and so on. That can be harsh on any startup.
    By the same token tee shirt people know what they like and love to tell people about it. Coty does this really well.
    I am somewhat in the loop as far as shirts go, but hay it’s a big internet.

    Why bring it back.
    1. If you are an average joe and you are paying $30+ for cotton with holes in it… Let me let you in on a secret. You got hosed pal. (It’s your money, you can spend what you want, this comment is for people that clip coupons and hunt bargains like tigers) Let me tell you there are some spectacular deals in the indy shirt scene.

    2.This is as indy as it gets, smaller then small business, for me it’s just me and my imac, trying to produce products that I enjoy making for others to enjoy. My philosophy is for $28 or less you can get a great piece of art + a tee shirt. I could print that same art on canvas and slap in a frame with a big ugly price tag, but I don’t want to do that. The earnings go directly to me, I then pass that on to artist, screen printers, wholesalers ect. I do save .20 for a cup of noodles dudes got to eat right.

    Please Dress Me is needed in my opinion.
    Great post Coty.

  4. says

    Yeah, it’s really sad that they stopped developing I wish they hadn’t just abandoned it. Gary, I love T-Shirts. If you ever need someone to run the day-to-day duties of then all you need to do is ask me! I’m motivated and poassionate about teeeees!