Threads – A New Threadless iPhone App!

Here’s a great and fun little iPhone app that I just discovered while perusing the Threadless forum boards. Developed by Threadless user Ian Marsh (eeenmachine), Threads allows you to easily browse in-stock designs at Threadless straight from the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Not only can you browse Threadless tees, but you can buy tees directly from within the App (ok, this is a stretch, the app forwards you to the Threadless site via Safari). The app also makes use of the accelerometer – you are shown a different tee design every time you shake the phone while the app.

Even cooler, you can save these beautiful designs directly to your iPhone by tapping on the camera icon. Onc you click the camera icon all onscreen menus disappear and your left just with the design. From there you use the screen capture trick and then images are saved to your photo album and can then be used as Wallpaper for your iPhone! Pretty slick little app, I think! The app itself is snappy and works excellently on my first generation iPhone.


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    Hey Rizzo! Yes it is, the app rocks! I just sent the author of this program an email asking if he would develop a similar app for Emptees.

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    Hi Andre, welcome to the site!

    Yes the app is very simple and easy to use. At the moment, I think the app only displays designs currently available and in stock for sale. As far as I know, there is no app for running designs, though that would be a great idea – being able to easily browse and score tees – giving a 5$ vote on the go with your iPhone!