Horsebites Featured at the Threadless Gallery

Congratulations to fellow Emptees member, Horsebites, for being the featured artist at the Threadless Galleries in Chicago. If you’re in the Chicago area be sure to check out the new Horsebites gallery at the Threadless Store. The gallery will be up until November 5!

Follow along as Richard Minino aka Horsebites talks about some of his art up in the Threadless Gallery.

HorseBites is the design and artwork of Orlando, Florida based artist Richard Minino. His inspiration includes the juxtaposition of the enchantment forced upon him growing up in the shadow of Mickey Mouse and the disenchantment of punk rock (also very near and dear to his heart). His work explores the true meaning of aggression and violently shoes the mind into another realm of the imagination. His most recent work revolves around music with delightfully tacky, aggro works ranging from CD layouts, t-shirt designs, advertisements and tour posters. He has worked closely with bands like Less Than Jake and New Mexican Disaster Squad.