Girl Injured From Horse, Get’s Cool Threadless Tee!

I wanted to blog about this a few days ago but got distracted. Anyway, I thought it was a cool story to share as it shows that no matter how huge a company or brand is, showing that you care about the customer can go a long way. 

A few months ago, Threadless forum member, outline, posted a blog in which she said:

Story short, I was breaking in a horse and he threw me into an old fence, and part of the fence post went through my right leg, and shattered my knee cap. it also went clear through the fleshy part under my knee, and until this morning i hadn’t been able to move anything below my knee. But I wiggled my toes! Yay!” 

As I was reviewing the old comments and updates to this initial post, it turned out that she needed a couple of surgeries and have been blogging about it on Threadless for the last two months or so. A couple of days ago, she received an unexpected care package from Threadless that included the Threadless tee, The Sound of Color by The Boy Fitz Hammond, with messages written on it from various Threadless staff. Since they couldn’t make it out to South Africa to sign her cast, they sent her a signed tee instead! How cool is that? Very cool. 

You can find more pictures of the tee on her Flickr page!