PleaseDressMe Opening Sequence

Have you seen the new animated opening sequence for the PleaseDressMe show? Well here it is! It was recently posted on Vimeo by creator Jeff Peak. Apparently it was made as a gift to the PleaseDressMe guys – how cool is that. I saw at least one shirt that I own in that video, did you see any tees that you own? By the way, Episode 1 of PleaseDressMe TV was released a few weeks ago, when can we see Episode 2 or am I just looking in the wrong place? 

This is an opening animation I built for the online show PleaseDressMeTV. PleaseDressMe is a search engine for t-shirts created by AJ and Gary Vaynerchuk. These guys are quite inspiring and for that I created this as a gift. – Jeff Peak

Please Dress Me TV Animated Open from Jeff Peak on Vimeo.


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    Thanks for the write up! I’m looking forward to episode 2 as well, hopefully it will come sooner than later. I’m the lime in the coconut shirt in the animation. Thanks again!

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    Hi Jeff! Thanks for the comment! You did an awesome job on that opening sequences. Will it be the official opening from now on or is it just a conceptual thing you did for fun?

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    Based on the positive response I received from AJ & Gary, this should be a part of episode 2. Would be an honor if they continue to use it after that. Thanks for your support Coty!

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    Thanks again for Jeff for the opening, and thanks to coty for the post.

    PleaseDressMe episode #2 will be filmed this coming week. We also have an episode booked to be filmed on Dec. 1st with a guest, and Dec. 2nd with a guest :)

    – AJ Vaynerchuk

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    AJ, thanks for the update, it is much appreciated! I’m definitely looking forward to future episodes. And if you guys ever do a taping in sunny Hawaii I’ll be happy to serve as the official local guest, LOL!