7 Awesome Tech T-Shirts

Technology is a major part of my life and has integrated itself into nearly every aspect of my life imaginable. It has even begun to seep into the clothes that I wear! Back in the day, I remember sporting my favorite Napster tee, or that hard to find Apple tee (usually gotten from an OS release). Now, many tech companies provide tees for purchase making it easy for teach fanatics like myself to show on their chest their weapons of choice. 

Here are 7 different technology based tees that reflect innovations that I enjoy to use (or visit and read in the case of Laughing Squid). I’ll focus on “official” tees for this post and do a future post on some 3rd party tees (if you know of some cool ones let me know). 

Do you have a favorite technology tee that you like to use and show off? Post a link to the shirt so that others with similar technologoy tastes can buy and enjoy!

1. WordPress. Does WordPress run your blog (I do for this blog)? Then checkout this site for a selection of official WordPress t-shirts and other merchandise. You can pick up either a red or olive green WordPress tee for £9.50 GBP. The tees are printed on American Apparel. 

2. Google/Blogger. Is Google the first thing you see when you open your browser? Are you part of the Blogger faithful? If so, then you might enjoy some official Google gear. In fact, there is a wide selection of Google merchandise available in their store, from organic tees to recycle track jackets. They’ve even got tees printed on 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. They claim the bamboo component makes it antimicrobial and feel like a mix between cashmere and silk! The Wearables section in the Google store offers 36 different products! The tees are priced between $13.50 – $20.00. 

3. Laughing Squid. This is one of my favorite blogs to visit in InternetLAND and it just so happens that the Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale sells an official t-shirt printed on American Apparel and available for 20 buckaroos! 

4. Apple. This one is actually not available online, you’ll actually have to venture out to Cupertino and visit the official Apple Campus, better known as The Mothership. If you’re an Apple freak, much like I am, then you will probably go crazy in the Apple Campus Store. This is the only place on earth that you can find official Apple merchandise (other than the computers that you find at the retails stores). And by merchandise I mean a crap load of t-shirts (and I bought every single mens tee available!).


5. Digg. Kevin Rose had a brain fart and this is what resulted, the ultimate social news website in InternetLAND. People submit and Digg news stories like crazy and the best (in terms of Diggs and not editorial decision making) make the front page. Digg recently opened up their own store, ditching J!NX as their merchandise partner (remember my J!NX shipping rant?). If it’s a Diggnation tee that you want then you should plan to checkout the soon-to-be-opened official Revision3 Store (again, they ditched J!NX as well). 

6. Firefox 3. Are you a hardcore Firefox user? Do you cringe whenever you see someone using Internet Explorer? Do wish to make Firefox the world’s number one browser with 100% marketshare? If so, then I’ve got just the tee for the revolutionist in you! Head on over to the Mozilla website and check out their official store where they have tons of gear to help you spread the word about Firefox. Designs are printed on Anvil branded shirts and are available for £8.09 GBP. 

7. Ubuntu. Who needs a mainstream OS filled with expensive apps when you can have everything you need for free! If you’re an Ubuntu user then show some love for your favorite OS and buy a tee! There are a couple of designs for you to choose from printed on either 100% organic black or brown tees for $16.95.