December The Month of Superheroes at Glennz Tees

Glenn Jones, the popular indie tee designer from New Zealand, has come out with his newest design and second for the month of December at Glennz Tees. Surprisingly, it’s another Superhero based tee – this time playing on Batman! The new tee, titled “Gotham’s Youth” features the ever popular bat logo with the always funny bunny ears. Hilarious!

Earlier in the month, he released a brilliant conceived tee titled “Slowing Down” which depicts an aged Flash, the speedy hero from the DC Universe.

Needless to say, I want both of these!


  1. says

    I know right! Glenn continues to design the best tees around. I’m glad he didn’t go the Threadless submission route for all of his designs or else I bet we wouldn’t see many of these printed! You have so much more control when you print your designs yourself, instead of rolling the dice with a tee contest.