The Tcritic To Collaborate with Hide Your Arms

According to ongoing Twitter conversations, It looks like the Internet’s number one t-shirt blog will be collaborating with the author of another hot tee blog. Karl Long, better known in the tee community as the Tcritic has invited Hide Your Arms author Andy Bowness to be a guest poster on his blog.

The Tcritic has been around since 2006 and has over 4000 subscribers according to his Feedburner stats. Although one of the most prolific tee bloggers around, he has slowed down a bit, producing just one or two post every week or so. Hide Your Arms, on the other hand has been busingly pumping out content like a mad man. Fellow tee blogger, Taddict, even pronounced Andy as the “heir” to Long’s t-shirt blogging throne.

Needless today, this is a great thing for both Andy and Karl. It’ll help to feed the thirsty palettes of the Tcritic fans looking for more content and it’ll boost Andy’s credibility in the community and help to bring in more traffic to the already popular Hide Your Arms blog.

Is this the beginning of a passing of the torch from one top blog to another? Only time will tell.


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    It’s a pity that I need more credibility after writing HYA for almost 3 years, but I guess that just proves I need to market myself better!

    Oh, and I’m amazed that you’ve managed to write more about this than either Karl or I have, those tweets were the entire discussion.

    Thanks for the post, maybe I’ll even write some original stuff for Tcritic now.

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    LOL, yeah, I’m kinda addicted to Twitter and so when I saw that convo I just had to write. It was definitely worth the mention, IMO.

    Looking forward to future collabs by the two of you!

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    you stalker! haha actually I read the whole conversation as well. I hope Karl would give me a chance too :P I’m quite free this end – month

    by the way, what’s your twitter, Coty? let me add you

  4. says

    HAHA … that conversation definitely got me interested! My Twitter is @cotygonzales

    BTW, great blog you have going at cottonable! I visit almost daily!