10 Essential Tees for MacAddicts

The good folks over at 10tees inspired me to come up with a top 10 list of my own. In preparation for Macword Expo 2009 - I have come up with a list of 10 Essential Tees for MacAddicts! 

Show the world how much you adore your favorite OS (Mac OS X), brand (Apple), piece of hardware (iPhone) or even personality (Steve Jobs). There’s a shirt here to fill the t-shirt void of every sector of the Apple cult. Go ahead and indulge yourself. 

1. Apple IIe Template by Chop Shop

Before there was the “i” there was the “e” and the “e” in this case stood for enhanced. The Apple IIe has the distinction of being the longest-lived computer in Apple history. If you were a proud IIe owner, then this is a great tee to pick up! The Chop Shop Apple IIe Template tee is a steal at 10 bucks!

Apple IIe by Chop Shop

2. Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree by Go Ape

How many of these Apple products did you own? You can quickly spot a PowerMac G4, PowerMac G5, iMac G3, iMac G4, iMac G5 and a first generation iPod. But a true MacAddict can without a doubt and no hesitation tell you what the other two models are. Can you identify the other two Apple products? Pick up this tee at Go Ape Shirts for $19. 

Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

3. I’m A Mac by Insanely Great Tees

I love the I’m A Mac commercials and now I can tell the whole world that I too am a Mac. For $19 pick up this tee from Insanely Great Tees. Alternatively, if you drive down to Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters, you can pick up an authentic Hello, I’m A Mac tee. 

I'm A Mac

4. Heart by Insanely Great Tees

Real men don’t mind wearing hearts. Especially one shaped like an Apple. Insanely Great Tees says it best: “Some people think that you have a problem with all this computer stuff. But they just don’t understand – it’s not a game. This is serious. This is forever. It’s… love.” Show your love for just $19. 


5. iPhone Reinvented by The Missing Bite

In 1984 Apple reinvented the computer, in 2001 music, and now, the phone. Apple has revolutionized the way that we manage our lives. Grab this tee at The Missing Bite for $24.95. 


6. The Leader by The Hipp Store

Now where on the product page does it mention Steve Jobs. The name of the shirt is simply, The Leader. You would be a fool not recognize the mug on that tee as being Apple overlord, Steve Jobs. And even though he won’t be presenting the Keynote at MacWorld Expo 2009, he will always be the one that brought Apple back from dire times. Hats off to our fearless Leader. Show your appreciation by picking one of these tees up at The Hipp Store for $22.99.

The Leader

7. Hello I’m Fake Steve Jobs by Indie Tech

Although the Fake Steve Jobs has been revealed as being journalist Dan Lyons, Indie Tech stilled enthralled by FSJ, produced this tee with permission from the real Steve Jobs! Do you wish you were Steve Jobs, or at the very least, a Fake Steve Jobs? If so, then pick this tee up for 15 bucks at Indie Tech. 

Fake Steve Jobs

8. Mac Bones by Indie Tech

If you’re a Mac pirate (support Indie software at the very least!) then this is the tee for you. Featuring the essentials of any skull tee – bones. And to compliment this seemingly inseparable duo is a little leaf, strategically placed aboved an Apple shaped skull. If you’re a pirate you probably won’t buy this tee, you’d pillage it. If you aspire to one day be a pirate you can pick this tee up for $15 at Indie Tech. 

Mac Bones

9. Podding Chicken by Glo4Life

This is a fun little iPod inspired tee that I found at Glo4Life. We may never be able to answer the age old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? What we can answer with confidence and certainty is which is the only OS that matters. If you’re this far into reading this post, then you definitely know the answer. Pick this tee up at Glo4Life for £22.50.

Poddin' Chicken

10. Spinner by Panic

Panic is the makers of some great Macintosh software including Transmit, Coda and Unison. But did you know that they also produce t-shirts! That’s right, they’ve got a selection of geeky tees (of course), including some Mac-centric ones. It was a toss up between the Spinner tee and the Hi, I Make Macintosh Software tee, but when I had to choose I went with the simpler Spinner tee. One of the first things that you see when you startup your Macintosh computer. Pick this tee up at Panic for $19.


I’m sure that there are tons of other Mac tees out there. If you know of any more that I may have missed then let me know about them! For more Tech Shirts check out 7 Awesome Tech T-Shirts.


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