5 Ongoing T-Shirt Design Contests (Part II)

Last September I did a post on 5 Ongoing T-Shirt Design Contests and today I talk about 5 more! I’ll be taking a look at Cameesa, Chimpogo, Wooshka, Code-Creations and Itself. 

As always, each of these sites have different sets of rules and regulations. It is important to note the differences in terms of exclusivity and rights to designs. And of course, your pay day and royalties (if any) will differ based on the site. 

1. Cameesa. How it Works: Cameesa is based on the concept of “Crowdfunding.” Instead of voting for tees, Cameesa users financially support designs (i.e. pay 20 bucks if they wish to see that design printed).  Selection Process: Selection of tees into the Cameesa shop is based on whether the tee was fully financially supported. If the submitted tee reaches a support threshold of $500 then then it appears in the Cameesa store. Rights: Your design cannot be used for up to 90 days once it has been submitted. If it is not chosen to be printed after 90 days then you are free to use it however you wish. If your design is approved and sold on Cameesa then you cannot reproduce, sell or submit the design elsewhere. Pay Day:  The shirt designer automatically receives $200 cash for each tee that reaches full financial support as well as $50 into their Cameesa balance and a free t-shirt with the design printed. Every member that financially supported the design will receive a t-shirt for every $20 they supported with. Profits from the tee sold in the Cameesa store is split three ways, amongst the designer, the financial supporters and Cameesa. The designers and financial supporters only receive residuals after the 125th shirt sold. Official Rules. 


2. Chimpogo. How it Works: Chimpogo works very much like Threadless. Designers submit designs to Chimpogo, the staff manually approves each design and once approved they are moved into the rating section. Selection Process: Users rate tees on a scale of 1 to 5. Every week the Chimpogo staff shuffles through the best designs and prints one. Rights: You may not submit your design to other contests for the duration that the design is entered at Chimpogo. If your design is selected then Chimpogo will then retain the rights to the design. Pay Day: The designer receives £500 (about $722). No profits are made by the designer on a per shirt sold basis. Official Rules.


3. Wooshka. How it Works: Wooshka, like Chimpogo, works very much like Threadless. Selection Process: Tees are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. Wooshka staff then choose from the highest rated tees and every couple of weeks, new tees are chosen to be printed. Rights: You may not submit your design into any other contest for up to 90 days after submission. If your design is selected for print then Wooshka will retain all rights to the design. Pay Day: If the design is selected then the designer receives $500 and a gift voucher of 200 Wooshka credits. Official Rules. 


4. Code-Creations. How it Works: Code-Creations, short for Casual Organic Designer Eco-wear is all about being earth friendly. All tees printed at Code-Creations are printed on organic tees using direct-to-garment printing (an eco-friendly printing process according to Code-Creations). Because of the DTG printing process, designers are somewhat limited to the the use of colors in their design submissions. For instance, the colors of the ink must be darker than the tee and no white can be printed and only 4 colors can be used. Submissions must be emailed to Code-Creations and if approved will appear on the “Vote” page. Selection Process: Code-Creations users vote on tees based on a scale from 1 to 10. The Code-Creations staff make the final decision of which designs are selected for print. Rights: You may not submit the design to other contests for up to 60 days after the original submission. After the 60 days you are free to use the design however you like. If your design is selected for print then Code-Creations will retain the rights to your design. Pay Day: Prizes vary based on the ongoing challenge. Prizes are typically a mix of cash, free apparel, gift certificate and “mystery gifts”. According to their website, prizes may be worth up to $4000.  Alternatively, you may donate winnings to your favorite non-profit organization. Designers are paid $1.00 for every tee sold. Official Rules. 


5. Itself. How it works: Designers submit tees to Itself and once it is approved by the Itself staff the design is made available for voting. Selection Process: Itself users score tees for up to 60 days after submission. A scale of 1 to 5 is used to score tees. Itself periodically select tees that are to be printed based on hype received during the 60 day period. Rights: Itself retains all rights to submitted artwork. Itself retains the rights to designs selected for print. Pay Day: If selected, designers will initially receive $1750 cash and 250 Itself “coins.” If the shirt is selected for reprint then the designer will receive another payment of $1750 and 250 Itself coins. Each print consists of 3000 tees. Official Rules.