Threadless Bestees 2008 – My Picks!

Threadless today announced their upcoming Bestees 2008 Awards. The grand award, as always, is the Design of the Year award, and with that distinction also comes a prize of $20,000. All 326 designs released by Threadless in 2008 will be up for voting and the design with the most votes will be the big winner. This should be interesting since I would assume that many people would recruit friends and family (as many as they can gather) to vote for their designs.

$20,000 prize:
Design of the Year: My pick for Design of the Year would have to go to the Jimiyo vs. AJ Dimarucot mashup, When Panda’s Collide. The print on this tee is huge and let’s not forget the star power of the designers involved – both of whom were finalist in the Design By Humans $10,000 contest. However, for some reason, the Monster Mash Collaboration of Horror might do well due to the overwhelming amount of hype this design earned in the blogs throughout the year.

When Panda's Attack

$10,000 prize:
Designer of the Year: I’d give this award to Olly Moss. He continually pumps out awesome designs and has proved not to be a one hit wonder. I’ll also throw fatheed into the mix for this one.

Olly Moss

$1,000 prizes:
Newcomer of the Year: alexmdc did a great job with Bird Migration, the Threadless Loves Travel winner. 
Unprinted Designer of the Year (plus a design printed): Not sure because I don’t really follow works in progress and unprinted designs.
Blogger of the Year: ladykat would be my pick – she put together two great contests in 2008 in the Threadless blogs.
Gallery Photographer of the Year: ir0cko, this guys consistently pumps out cool gallery photos. Check out his Flickr if you don’t believe me. 
Collaboration of the Year: Monsters Collaboration: Monster Mash Collaboration of Horror by Monster Mob. Lots of Threadless designers helped to make this tee and thus it should win. Plus, who doesn’t like monsters! This design has to win one of these awards and it would be most fitting if it won Collaboration of the Year.

Groundbreaking Design of the Year: Maybe alexmdc’s Bird Migration? Though it’s hard for me to define Groundbreaking.
Best Use of Critique: Anything Torakamikaze said. I have no idea.
Slogan of the Year: It’s a toss between Now Panic and Freak Out by Olly Moss and Hooray For Sarcasm by Dan Maltzman.
Select of the Year: I really like Michael Valadares Ferreira’s Ninjas vs. Luchadores. But I also like SOS by Jeff Staple and Dylan Martorell’s Rain In Spain. 
Kids Design of the Year: I like the simple Bubble Maker by Niel Quisaba. It screams kid.

Threadless will be announcing the Bestee 2008 winners on February 2, 2009, along with a “little something extra”, I wonder what that could be! Let’s see how well my guesses were. Who would you like to see win?

Monster Mash Collaboration of Horror


  1. kittkatt says

    your predictions are missing a few obvious choices:
    radiomode, laserbread, roadkill3d and ilovedoodle could all easily take designer of the year.

    laserbread will certainly take newcomer of the year. He has like 12 prints or something in his first year!

  2. says

    I agree, lots of great artists could easily take Designer of the Year. I like Laser Bread but I’m I’m sticking to my guns with my Olly Moss choice!

    It’s such fun to speculate on this awards thing!

  3. says

    @guest123 And most importantly because I liked the design of When Pandas Attack and its complexity. Plus, in a way it’s not the typical Threadless tee. I like it, but of course, this is all subjective.

    Who do you like for Design of the Year?