Jake Nickell All Over Print

Jake Nickell also known as skaw to the Threadless faithful posted this picture of him in a tee with, well, himself printed on it! The shirt was printed by a company called Nodbod, that specializes in all-over-printing. I’ll surely have to review Nodbod in the future, maybe send in my own funky picture to use as an all-over-print, though, something tells me that if I did have a tee printed with my face plastered on the entire shirt that it would look unbelievably tacky. 

Jake Nickell in a Nodbod Shirt


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    haha and my face on an all-over printed tee isn’t incredibly tacky? it’s funny i’m embarrassed to wear this outside without my coat zipped up over it but i’ll post a picture wearing it on the internet.

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    So cool to see you on my blog Jake! LOL, you should totally wear this shirt sans the coat – I be it would make for a great conversation starter … haha.