Tee-Riffic Photos (Part I)

I’ve been a Threadless member for a couple of years now, having bought my first tee in 2005 – Mona Prankster by Herman Lee. Nearly 4 years later and I have myself tons of Threadless tees and surprisingly I’ve never submitted photos for Threadless Street Team points! 

Well, I’ve decided that I’ve waited for too long and so I’ve uploaded my first bunch of Threadless Tee-Riffic Photos! For those of you unfamiliar with Threadless Street Team Points, essentially you get 1 credit ($1.50) for every photo you successfully submit. If they really like your photo then it’ll appear on the product page and you’ll get a whopping 10 credits ($15.00). You can also earn Threadless Street Team Points through referrals, 2 credits ($3.00) for every referral sale. Now that you know all about the Threadless Street Team go earn yourself some free tees!

Here’s my first bunch of Threadless photo uploads. I’ll be making posts as continue to upload my photos of my Threadless collection.

Music Box by Phil Wheeler

Money Shot

Fill Me Up by Jeff Sapulettey

I Like Trees Too by Gregory Durrell

I Heart Threadless