Sale at Bang Bang T-Shirts

Bang Bang T-Shirt found me through Twitter, so I decided to check out their store. Turns out that they have a huge sale going with all shirts going for £5.00 or about $7.53. They’ve got 34 different shirts in stock and a few caught my eye. In particular, I thought that both Oddbod (design by wotto) and Together (design by Ric Stultz) were cute, and Funny Presidents (design by Jimiyo) was a nice play on The Dark Knight. At $7.53 and free worldwide shipping, the sale is definitely worth a look! 

Oddbod by Wotto

Funny Presidents by Jimiyo

Together by Ric Stultz


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    Wow! This is an awesome sale. I almost ignored it under the assumption that shipping to the US would either be impossible or prohibitively expensive. Glad I read on.