Glorious Nonsensities 2×03: Paisley Paramecium, My Liver Hates Me and Jon Kruse

In this episode I wear Paisley Paramecium by Julian Glander and review a tee that I purchased from My Liver Hates Me. The My Liver Hates Me tee is, easy enough, called My Liver Hates Me. That’s right, an online store dedicated to a single tee. Now that is dedication! This tee was designed by Jon Kruse and so I also talk a little bit about some of the services that Jon offers. Remember that you can get 15% off this tee with the code “coty”.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

My Liver Hates Me designed by Jon Kruse. Good: Love the design, simple and straightforward, great conversation piece or as a gift for friends that like to drink. Bad: Tee is kinda baggy for a mens Large, arm holes are a little on the wide side. Price: $14.00 but get 15% off with the coupon code “coty”.  

My Liver Hates Me

Paisley Paramecium by Julian Glander. This week’s starter shirt is, unfortunately, no longer available from Threadless, but you can request a reprint of it. I’m a science freak so I love this tee!

Paisley Paramecium by Julian Glander

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