Beetnik Aesthetics – Droppin’ the Beet by 50%

Beetnik Aesthetics is a new clothing brand started “by a guy named Loren” as the Beetnik website says. Built on the notion that, “the world is your canvas”, Beetnik Aesthetics is a “lifestyle clothing brand that strives for hope, peace, love and more. One idea. One thought. One dream. Anything is possible with a forward thinking mind.”

They’ve just opened up shop and to celebrate the grand opening, Beetnik Aesthetics is having a 50% off sale on all items. This is a huge savings since regular priced tees are currently priced at $24 and on sale now for just $12. The sale ad on the Beetnik site does not have an end date so I am assuming that it will run until the official February 1 opening date. 


The Beetnik tees look really fancy – I like them! Loren’s first release, which includes 4 different tees, are cohesive and go well with each other. He doesn’t mention the type of blanks he uses other than the mention of them being printed on 100% cotton. My favorites of the bunch include Paint Your Momma and Inject Love. All tees are tagless and come with screen printed tags instead. 

I really dig the look of the Beetnik Aesthetics website, especially the in your face purple! However, I think one major feature that is currently  lacking is the ability to leave comments on the Beetnik blog. Please add that feature, Loren! It’ll help you to build a community around Beetnik Aesthetics.

I am excited by Beetnik Aesthetics and am looking forward to future products. Best of luck with the grand opening! 

Paint Your Momma

Beetnik Aesthetics