New Fuzzy Ink Tee: Identity Crisis

I’m not sure how long Fuzzy Ink has had this tee available for pre-sale, but I have to admit that it’s a brilliant one! As always, the Fuzzy Ink team sticks with the mustache theme, I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. The new tee, Identity Crises, was designed by Josh Stomberg, who is also known in creative circles as Sitting Duck. The tee can be purchased now at the pre-sale price of $15.99 ($2 cheaper than regular prices) and are expected to ship out by February 9. Also remember that Fuzzy Ink is a part of the Attack of the Coupons promotion here and as such YOU can get an additional 10% off with the coupon code “Hawaii”. And if you’re wondering, yes, I do live in Hawaii!

Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis


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    I can see the similarities alright but John from Fuzzy Ink has stated that:

    “I’ve had other people point out that design. Although we hadn’t seen that shirt before ours was created, I think there is enough of a difference with the two ideas to make them each originals.”

    I believe him, these things happen – just look at Linty Fresh’s UPC zebra tee, many thought that was a rip of another tee as well.

    Sometimes great minds think alike. And, I actually prefer Identity Crisis if I’m being honest.

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    I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about our newest design. It saddens me a little bit to have people accuse us of copying a previous work, but I suppose that comes with the territory in the design world. This design was a result of a wonderful collaboration with Josh Stomberg (Sittingduck) and we just hope that people “play well” on our take on the great childhood past time that Legos represent.