Dance Party Massacre Sneak Preview

Dance Party Massacre posted a sneak peeks of a couple of their new products recently on the DPM blog. They previewed three new items, one of which is the first ever DPM sweater. They’ve also got Something’s After Us in a new colorway and a design with a gnarly gangsta wolf printed on an acid wash tee. 

The items are not available for sale just yet, but they will be on the site once DPM wraps up their photo and video shoot for the new products. 

What do you guys think of the new DPM products? To check out their current line go here. 

Dance Party Massacre

Dance Party Massacre

Dance Party Massacre

Linty Fresh Live Show #2 Review

Online video chat by Ustream

Eric did a great job with his second Linty Fresh live show! There were about 40-50 viewers watching the live feed the entire time which is a great turn out. For those of you who missed the show and want to watch it check out the embed above. I’ve also provided a transcript of the show below, for those of you who rather not watch the full 2 hours, or just missed a few questions, or just like text better. Thanks again, Eric!

The following Q&A was taken from the Linty Fresh Live Show #2. I had to type really fast so they are not direct quotes. But it’s as close as I could get. Enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

Is it a good idea to use models for product shots or not?

Difficult to use models every month so very hectic. Can be flexible, time wise, if you don’t use models. More professional to use models and people may be more likely to purchase your product.

What do you use for your newsletters?

I use to keep people in touch. Don’t over do it or it will be ignored like SPAM.

Do you change your style when doing commission work?

Yes, like to keep the LINTY FRESH style for LINTY FRESH.

How do I define LINTY FRESH’s target demographic?

Online: Guys 15 to mid to late 30’s. In person I sell more to the ladies, between tweens and 30’s. Girls less likely to buy things online vs. guys. Hipster scene if I needed to classify it, though a lot of people enjoy it.

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5 Awesome T-Shirt Flickr Groups

I’ve been a Flickr user for a while now, but in no means would I consider myself a Flickr poweruser. However, I’ve been exploring Flickr a bit more as of late and found that they’ve got lots of awesome T-Shirt related groups that you can join. Thanks to bigguybigcity better known as tee blogger hideyourarms, designer Olly Moss and the T-critic blogger Karl Long, I found these groups while scouring their profiles!

Oh and before I forget – you can add me on Flickr too!

Here are 5 of my favorites (so far): 

1. T-Shirts. 10,709 Tees. This group is lied by Little Dragon and seems to be the group with the most tees added amongst this lot. Another plus with this group is its active discussion area – lots of talk going on there compared to the other groups. Here’s the group description:

Tees – hell… shirts, sweaters, hoodies – nowadays have crazy, witty and overall funny sayings, sayings and icons, pictures and colours. Post pictures of people in funny and/or odd t-shirts here.

T-Shirts Flickr Group

2. Funny T-Shirts. 500 Tees. This is the site specifically for funny tees, in fact, according to admin TheNakedPhotographer “Your shit better be funny or worth being in here or I will delete it, add shit shirts here twice and I will ban you!” Whenever you see a funny tee, snap a pic of it and upload it to the Funny T-Shirts group.

Funny T-Shirts

3. T-Shirt Revolution. 8,964 Tees. This is the group that’s all about printing and making your own tee designs. If you made the tee, post it here! They also have active discussions on transferring designs to blank tees and on blank tee types in general. If you’re a do-it-yourself-er than be sure to add this group and start contributing! The group admin is Stephane Vendran. 

T-Shirt Revolution

4. Fresh Tees. 3,787 Tees. This is the official addic[tee]d Flickr group run by Mr. Fresh. addic[tee]d is a tee blog that is based in Athens, Greece. The addic[tee]d tee blog has been around since 2005. This group does not allow “plain text” tees so be careful not to add those.

Fresh Tees

5. I Love T-Shirts. 2,136 Tees. This is a Brazilian group run by Aline Szucs. Although not in English, they do have a ton of fun tees in this group. Definitely worth checking out. And if you understand Portuguese then here’s the group description:

Camisetas são ítens básicos e indispensáveis no guarda-roupa que vão conosco a qualquer lugar! Trocas, dicas, dúvidas, são os objetivos deste grupo! Trocas: peço a todos que organizarem ou participarem, manter sempre o respeito uns para com os outros, pois este tipo de interação tem como objetivo descontarir e não “estressar”, ok? Fotos: somente de camisetas, blusinhas e afins!!! Estão proibidos: xingamentos, ofensas, material inadequado e tudo que possa prejudicar o grupo. Abs!

I Love T-Shirts

Insomniac Innovation by Glennz Tees

Now this is a tee that suits me! The newest tee (released yesterday) by Glenn Jones of Glennz Tees, Insomniac Innovations, is the perfect tee for anyone who likes to stay up during the weee hours of night all the way into the early morning. This is also the first tee in Glennz shop to sport Glow In The Dark ink, which is pretty cool and goes well with the theme of the shirt. Insomniac Innovations is available now for $19.95. I don’t own any tees by Glenn yet, should this be the one that I pick up?

Insomniac Innovtion

Insomniac Innovations

$10 Sale at BustedTees – My Picks

It’s the Semi-Annual Super Sale over at BustedTees – but I am sure that you already know that as this has got a lot of coverage on the tee blogs in the past two days or so. I finally had the chance to check the sale out, they’ve got 100 shirts priced at $10. They had a lot of seasonal stuff on sale – for instance, a lot of the election 2008 themed tees are up for grabs at the $10 price tag and so yes, you too can have a ‘McCain 1908′ T-Shirt for Men shirt. Here’s are two other tees that caught my eye: ‘Rollin’ in my 64′ T-Shirt for Men and ‘GA Shirt’ T-Shirt for Men.

Rollin' In My 64

Attention Ladies I Enjoy Grey's Anatomy

Linty Fresh To Do More Collaborations

Other than single rare collaboration (see Eye Scream below), Eric Terry of Linty Fresh has been running his brand on his own for the past three years. He has been the solo designer of his tee designs, buttons, website and even marketing materials. Despite this, Eric announced on the Linty Fresh blog that starting in March, he will be  releasing more collaborative based products.

It seems that the Linty Fresh brand is getting bigger and it’s good to see that Eric is broadening his horizons, so to speak. He did mention that the design concepts, as with his current line, will be his own. He feels that by working with other artists on these concepts, they can bring fresh and new styles to the Linty Fresh brand.

I look forward to seeing what Eric has up his sleeve and am quite interested to see who he will be working with in the future!

Eye Scream

In other news, the next Linty Fresh live chat is schedule for this Sunday, January 11. Check it out on ustream.

Linty Fresh

Sale at Bang Bang T-Shirts

Bang Bang T-Shirt found me through Twitter, so I decided to check out their store. Turns out that they have a huge sale going with all shirts going for £5.00 or about $7.53. They’ve got 34 different shirts in stock and a few caught my eye. In particular, I thought that both Oddbod (design by wotto) and Together (design by Ric Stultz) were cute, and Funny Presidents (design by Jimiyo) was a nice play on The Dark Knight. At $7.53 and free worldwide shipping, the sale is definitely worth a look! 

Oddbod by Wotto

Funny Presidents by Jimiyo

Together by Ric Stultz

Tee-Riffic Photos (Part I)

I’ve been a Threadless member for a couple of years now, having bought my first tee in 2005 – Mona Prankster by Herman Lee. Nearly 4 years later and I have myself tons of Threadless tees and surprisingly I’ve never submitted photos for Threadless Street Team points! 

Well, I’ve decided that I’ve waited for too long and so I’ve uploaded my first bunch of Threadless Tee-Riffic Photos! For those of you unfamiliar with Threadless Street Team Points, essentially you get 1 credit ($1.50) for every photo you successfully submit. If they really like your photo then it’ll appear on the product page and you’ll get a whopping 10 credits ($15.00). You can also earn Threadless Street Team Points through referrals, 2 credits ($3.00) for every referral sale. Now that you know all about the Threadless Street Team go earn yourself some free tees!

Here’s my first bunch of Threadless photo uploads. I’ll be making posts as continue to upload my photos of my Threadless collection.

Music Box by Phil Wheeler

Money Shot

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Howard The Duck

This tee by Garret Egles has been getting a lot of attention over at the Emptees forum. The tee has a huge print of that Marvel character turned movie star in the 1980’s, Howard The Duck. From the preview, the print looks huge and has a back print as well that is just as huge. The back has a line taken from the 1986 film, “On my planet we don’t say die, we say kill!” 

It’s Alive has this shirt available for presale and it is going for $30.00 – a hefty price but you do get that huge front and back print. The front consists of 5 colors and the back has 3. Another thing to note is that this tee is super limited and they are only printing 36 of these on tees and 16 of these on tanks. They will be available in Mint, Raspberry, Sunshine and Grass colored tees. 

Howard The Duck

Oh and if you’re scratching your head wondering who Howard The Duck is, then here’s a clip from the George Lucas produced flop turned cult favorite.

Jake Nickell All Over Print

Jake Nickell also known as skaw to the Threadless faithful posted this picture of him in a tee with, well, himself printed on it! The shirt was printed by a company called Nodbod, that specializes in all-over-printing. I’ll surely have to review Nodbod in the future, maybe send in my own funky picture to use as an all-over-print, though, something tells me that if I did have a tee printed with my face plastered on the entire shirt that it would look unbelievably tacky. 

Jake Nickell in a Nodbod Shirt