The Petrol Kid + Sale at Linty Fresh

I love the first of the month. Why? Because the first of the month means a new tee from Linty Fresh! The Petrol Kid marks the first of many collaborations that Linty Fresh will be doing. Linty Fresh’ Eric Terry hooked up with South African based designer, Theory One, on The Petrol Kid design. 

The Petrol Kid

Eric came up with the concept, and from there, worked with Theory One on the details and final design. Check out the neat graphic pulled from Linty Fresh’s Flickr page showing the collaboration process! Pick up The Petrol Kid for $22.00 at Linty Fresh!

The Petrol Kid Collaboration

Step one: I provided the character design, color scheme, and poem
Step two: Dylan went nuts with details, type, and an awesome backdrop
Step three: I redrew the bandit character, tightened the design to the concept, and fleshed out some details in the train, conductor, and backdrop
Step four: printed to a tee!

And I almost forgot – sale! Linty Fresh is having a huge discount sale to get rid of some old inventory. A lot of his tees have been marked down to $15, some are even priced at $10. The sale ends on March 31. These will surely go fast so pick one up now if there’s a tee that catches your fancy!

Linty Fresh Sale

Are You A Con Artist?

I used to be into rollerblading big time in the 90’s, since then, aggressive inline skating has fallen off the radar. So when I stumbled on Con.Artist Brand, I got pretty excited. The company is dedicated to the rollerblading inline industry. It has also creeped it’s way into other other aggressive sports such as drift racing and snowboarding.

The Charles Ponzi tee is my favorite from the bunch. It’s the first tee of their Mastermind Collection, which will presumedly be featuring ooddles of history’s best con artist. Great branding concept! And of course, they have the customary signature tee in blue below. All of the tees are tagless and have custom labels hand sewn into the side seam. And as you can see form the add below, they also do cut and sew jeans as well. This emerging cut and sew company out of Minneapolis is definitely one to watch! 

Charles Ponzi

Con Artist Signature

Con Artist

Bigfoot Boombox by Dale Edwin Murray

If I ever got to see Bigfoot my life would be complete! This is another great design from London based artist and Threadless regular, Dale Edwin Murray. This particular tee is called Bigfoot Boombox and is available now from Epic Weave. Ever better – it’s on sale for a measly $12.95 (regular price $15.00). It’s printed on a baby blue American Apparel tee for sweatshop free comfort! 

Have any of you teeple had a Bogfoot encounter? If so, I want to hear about it! 

Bigfoot Boombox

Bigfoot Boombox

Huge 2009 Sneak Peak From Glennz Tees

Sometimes you find things while surfing InternetLAND that you get your super excited – and this got me super excited! While I was perusing the Behance Network, I came across one of my favorite tee designers, Glenn Jones of Glennz Tees. Anyhow, Glenn posted on his Behance page a treasure trove of ongoing tee concepts (13 total) for Glennz Tees, many of which will probably be printed sometime in 2009 and some of which might never see the light of day. You can check them out on Glennz Behance page or just click on the images below!

Crash Test, Office Chat, and MacGyver’s Mailbox are probably my favorites. But, they are all so good! Glenn has an amazing way of creating witty and fun designs – he must be a very clever guy! What do you guys think? Which designs do you love? 

Office Chat

MacGyvers Mailbox

Crash Test

T-Shirts Are Keepers: How Many Do You Hold On To?

Do people become so attached to certain T-Shirts that the thought of tossing them is not even thinkable? According to a survey that was done by tee company Blue Cotton, 4 out of 5 Americans hold on to a sentimental t-shirt. And I don’t doubt that, I’ve got tons of tees in my closet that are years old, from high school even, that I can’t bear to let go of.

Out of 1000 of those that were surveyed, 47% of held on to a vacation tee, 30% kept hold of a business tee from a past employer and 27% did not want to let go of an old concert tee.

“A glimpse into someone’s t-shirt drawer is like a stroll through his or her past,” said Mike Coffey, CEO of BlueCotton and still owner of all-time favorite orange short-sleeve Hanes Beefy-T, with navy and white BlueCotton oval-shaped logo. “A Little League championship, a first concert, a family vacation, a cherished alma mater, your own business – every person’s list is like a snapshot of their personality. And if someone hasn’t kept any old shirts, that can be telling, too. T-shirts may seem casual, but their appeal is anything but. When they’re linked to a powerful memory, why let them go?”

Definitely check out the press release, they’ve got the full story covered and even dissect the surveys major findings. Click on the image below to see a bar graph showing the different percentages of what tee people decided to keep. Thanks to Rochelle Srigley from Edge Communications for sending me link to the press release. 


48 percent: A shirt picked up on vacation
30 percent: From a business or employer
27 percent: From a concert
27 percent: From a favorite professional or college sports team
23 percent: From a run/walk to raise money for a favorite charity
18 percent: From one’s alma mater
17 percent: From participating on a sports team
12 percent: From a church event
6 percent: From an election, political party
4 percent: From a fraternity/sorority

Monster Mash by Blair Sayer

This shirt is straight up cool! It’s called Monster Mash and was designed by Blair Sayer. It’s available now for the TeeFury price of $9.00 (+$2.00 to the US and $5.00 elsewhere). Definitely a tee to pick up if you know someone that loves showbiz monsters, because this shirt has em’ all – from Frankenstein to Count Dracula to The Mummy. This shirt is a whose who of classic big screen monsters. 

I want to pick this tee up so badly but the only thing holding me back is that the shipping cost to Hawaii is $5, more than half the price of the tee itself! TeeFury, Hawaii and Alaska is part of the United States! Please, please, please, especially since Shirt.Woot offers free shipping to Hawaii and beyond!

Monster Mash

Monster Mash

New Seibei Spring 2009 Line Released

Finally! David from Seibei has been teasing us with hints of the new release on Twitter since last week and he has finally unleashed them to the world! And since I’m probably the only blogger awake at the moment I’ll be the first to blog about it (advantage Hawaii!). 

The Seibei Spring 2009 Collection does not disappoint. I love it! I love em’ all! And I have to say, Seibei did an excellent job with the product shots – they are splendid. I had to chop them off a bit for the post so be sure to check out the Seibei shop for the full size images. 

Taco Dinosaur is an excellent follow up to Sandwich Dinosaur! What spinoff can we expect next? Cookie Dinosaur? La Moutant Rouge has the recognition of 1. being the lone text only tee in the Seibei shop and 2. having the most awesomest name in the world. And of course, I’ll Never Stop Pooping, designed by Jimmy Heartcore, is disgustingly delicious! 

The tees range in price from $21 to $22. Pick up one of these tees today and save some cash cash cash! Use the coupon code “COTY” for 10% off your entire order at Seibei!


Taco Dino

La Mutant Rouge

I'll Never Stop Pooping

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Pirate Chefs by Jon Wye

Here’s the newest tee from designer t-shirt and belt maker, Jon Wye. It’s called Pirate Chefs and it’s a play on the old skull and crossbones concept. It’s part of a new series that will include an upcoming Pirate Chefs belt (see a preview of the artwork of the Pirate Chefs belt below). 

I like it! And I can actually see Jon taking this a bit further and building on this Pirate Chefs line by including other tees and belts. I’m interested to see the rest of the artwork for the belt and the characters that will be included on it. Might some of those characters carry on to a future Pirate Chefs tee? What about a Pirate Chefs belt buckle? There’s so much you can do with this, Jon!

Pirate Chefs by Jon Wye

Pirate Chefs Belts Preview

Design A Tee for Kings of Leon

Design By Humans has been working with some incredible bands as of late. First it was Fleetwood Mac and now they’ve hooked up with the Grammy award winning group, Kings of Leon. Submit a design to the Kings of Leon Special T-Shirt Design Contest and you might win the following:

1st Place
$1,500 cash
2 Autographed Lithographs
2 KOL Concert Tickets

2nd Place
$750 cash and $250 DBH Store Credit

3rd Place
$500 cash and $150 DBH Store Credit

Coty Loves Threadless #2

And the Seesmic experiment continues! If you missed Episode #1 of Coty Loves Threadless be sure to check it out – I explain a little bit about what this is all about! If you’re on Seesmic then video reply and let me know what you think about this weeks Threadless releases and if you’re not on Seesmic then comment away below! Enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

Here’s a direct link for my RSS readers – Coty Loves Threadless #2 on Seesmic.

98 Different Creatures! by Daniel Abensour is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

98 Different Creatures! by Daniel Abensour

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