Coupon Codes Attack Again!

That’s right, we’ve got another bunch of indie brands participating in the Attack of the Coupon Codes section here and they’re doing it because 1. they’re awesome and 2. so YOU can save some of your hard earned cash! Plus, coupon codes are just fun. It’s good to know that there’s a coupon waiting for you when your ready to buy some tees! Planning on going on a tee shopping spree? We’ve got your covered.

I’ve been working hard in the new year to bring you the best discounts from some of your favorite indie brands. There’s a tee for everyones taste in the newest additions to our Attack of the Coupon Codes family. Be sure to check out the individual brand pages to learn a little more about them and to see what my tee picks were. The newest additions are: 

Catastrophic Clothing: 15% off
Ex-Boyfriend Collection: 10% off
Kosher Ham: 10% off 
Regal Clothing: 10% off
Seibei: 10% off
Sentimental Clothing: 15% off
Shifted Image: 10% off
Suck! Clothing: 20% off
Tees For All: 10% off
Zeroboutique: 10% off

The list of participating brands is growing – we’ve partnered with 40 of your favorite indie brands so far and we hope to partner up with many more throughout the year! Be sure to check out our Attack of the Coupon Code page to see the complete list. 

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