Johnny Cupcakes Presents: The Bakers Dozen

Johnny Cupcakes, known for his limited edition ways, has unleashed the first of his Bakers Dozen series of tees. This line of tees will be especially difficult to get since they will be in-store only exclusive – advantage goes to Los Angeles and Boston residents. That means that the rest of us – who live outside of LA and Beantown can only hope one of these guys end up on eBay for a reasonable (I cringe at how much they will go for) price. The Bakers Dozen tees will come in waves of 130, with each of the tees numbered. What do you guys think about these in-store exclusives? 

The Bakers Dozen

Mr. Cupcakes also showed off some other in-store exclusives (non Bakers Dozen):

Johnny Cupcakes Exclusives

Johnny Cupcakes Exclusives


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    Those tees are awesome! Almost makes me want to eat them :) I wish I could get them online though…

    Reminds me a lot of the Hard Rock t-shirts that I used to collect growing up. I wonder how he does the numbering though…it looks silkscreened, but if each shirt has its own number, that would be like 130 different screens to make!

    Hmmm leave it to Johnny to come up with something awesomely crazy like that. :)

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    Will have to agree with the friends at Shirtfight…Awesome Awesome Awesome designs!!! Lucky for me I only live about 1 hour away from the shop in LA. Will have to see about taking a trip down to the Shop in hopes of still finding these limited edition tees. As always, thanks for sharing the news Coty…


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    Yeah, agree with ShirtFight as well, very remenicent of those old Hard Rock tees. I used to love getting those whenever a relative came back from a trio, lol.

    And Sal, if you do get to go check out the Johnny Cupcake store in LA you’ll e in for a treat. He’s done a great job at branding. It’s like you’re in the twilight zone because you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a bakeshop serving t-shirts!