The Standard: Not Your Ordinary Tourist Tee

These aren’t your ordinary tourist tees! Artists Jose Parla, Natas Kaupas and Eric Haze have collaborated to produce a unique set of “tourist” tees for each of the three cities represented by The Standard. The collection, known simply as The Tourist Tee was produced in NYC in collaboration with Tony Arcabascio. For those of you unfamiliar with The Standard, they are a chic and trendy hotel chain found in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. 

The Standard did an excellent job at selecting the artist for each of the three regions. Citing that lettering often reflect the individual person and the region from which they are from. Haze represents NYC, Parla represents Miami and Kaupas represents the west coast’s Los Angeles. All three are renown street artists. 

Each of the tees come in a reusable pouch with the name of the artists printed on the front. Unlike standard tourist tees, these will set you back some with each tee costing a whopping $55.00. You can purchase one now at Shop The Standard. 

Los Angeles



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