Design By Humans Gets A Facelift

Design By Humans has undergone a facelift, and I think it’s for the better! I really dig the changes that they have made to the DBH site. Everything looks so much cleaner and less cluttered. The changes affects not only the t-shirt buying consumer, but also the dedicated DBH voters and, maybe most importantly, the design submitting artists. They have also added a new forum to their site, it’s a bit bare at the moment, but I am sure it will pick up steam once more people figure out it’s there! 

As a consumer, it’s important for me to know how the actual product looks – and the new DBH does a great job with this. They now offer multiple angles from which you can view their t-shirt designs in the individual product pages. The submission process has also changed, so if you regular submit to DBH be sure to check out the submission format changes, you can view them here. 

The only thing that I find a bit weird, is that on the product thumbnail page (see below for example, or go the men’s product page here), they use the same guys repeatedly. Granted, the model changes by row, but still, it’s kind weird seeing the same dude over and over again. It’s kinda creepy in the cloning sense. Other than that minor detail, I dig the changes they have made over at Design By Humans!

Design BY Humans

Design By Humans

“DBH is about the artists, their fans, and t-shirt lovers. So, to improve the experience for all of you, we have launched this new site with many improvements.

For shirt lovers, we have changed the way our shirts are displayed, giving you a much better view of our shirts. Our new product page shows you the shirt from several angles, and you can open a larger version of any of our product photographs. And while you are shopping, adding an item to your cart no longer takes you away from your browsing.

For our artists, we have a new submission process with a new format for your submitted art. This, along with our new visual design, will allow us to do a much better job of showcasing the quality art that you submit. We also have a new design guide to help you format your art for our new site.

As for the fans of the artist, we have a redesigned vote section. It gives you a better view of submitted art while you are browsing and, if you click a design, a large image of the art and its intended placement on the shirt. You can also see all designs that you have voted for and keep track of which of those become printed.

Also, for all of you, we have a new forum, so that you can interact with us and each other more directly.

And we are not yet done. Stay tuned.” -Lanaer of DBH


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    Great post Coty! if you click View All (top right) you can see a see more diversity in our models, a big part of the cloning problem was the sheer challenge of photographing literally hundreds of tees, so when we had a model for a 4 hour block we went into turbo mode to get the shots. Hopefully going forward we can mix and match a bit better (or get a better cloning machine).

    Great point on the new submission form – I just wanted to point out we have a new Tshirt Design Guide – I am writing a tutorial to go along with the Guide covering some more advanced methods for applying your art to a tee via photoshop or illustrator – the tee guide can be found here:

    Thanks again for the honest write up!

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    Ah I gotcha Marc. It makes the most sense to take as much shots as you could using the same models. It would have been near impossible to get a different model for each tee – that would be pretty unrealistic and impractical. I’m sure you guys will be changing it up as more new tees are released and photographed.

    I eagerly look forward to what else you guys have in store for us!

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    Coty did you see the arrows on the home page? you can slide back and review every shirt of the day with a nice model shot overlaying the artwork – and from any product detail page, just click the date to get see how that particular tee looks againsts its artwork.

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    Damn, that’s sexy. At first I couldn’t find the arrow on the homepage, but once I did – I was like – whoa. That’s very awesome! So nice.

    The multiple angles has to be my second favorite feature – love that.

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    Glad to hear the model cloning is only temporary, I noticed that too.
    Also, thanks for pointing out the arrows marc, that is pretty flippin sweet.