Glorious Nonsensities 2×06: Crazy Bananas, Endgame Clothing and Chess

In this episode I wear You Crazy Banana! by Word! Apparel and review two tees that I received from Endgame Clothing, a brand that specializes in designing tees made for and designed by people that love the game of chess. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

3Kings & Trophy designed by Endgame Clothing. Good: These tees fit perfectly on me, tagless print for extra comfort, fabric is incredibly soft and so is the ink, awesome designs that can be easily worn by both chess players and non chess players. Bad: I preferred 3Kings over Trophy, no real complaints about these two tees. Price: $24.99.

3Kings by Endgame Clothing

Trophy by Endgame Clothing

You Crazy Banana! by Word! Apparel. This week’s starter shirt can be purchased for a limited time from Word! Apparel. Get this tee now before it’s gone forever, plus, who doesn’t like bananas – especially crazy ones. Price: $16.99.

You Crazy Banana by Word! Apparel

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    Hey Coty,

    As always great shirt review this time with Endgame Clothing, which by the way are based really close to me here in Cali. I would say about 20 minutes from where I am based here in Riverside Ca.! I don’t even play chess and you still got me to check out the site and learn more about the Awesome concept John’s got going on . Your enthusiasm about the brand and concept in the videos really carries over and makes the reader get excited as well. Great Job Coty!!!

    Quick question? You mentioned at the beginning of the video that Word! Apparel is re-branding? How is that? I didn’t see anything on their website? Could you elaborate on what you know. Just curious…

    Again, keep doing what you do Coty, its AWESOME! Look forward to the next reviews.


  2. says

    Hey Sal, thanks for the positive comments – it’s greatly appreciated!

    Word! Apparel is rebranding because Levi got into messy water when he found out that there was already another Word Apparel brand that existed. Actually they even own the domain and had the name trademarked.

    The guy threatened to sue Levi or Word! and so Levi thought that it would be best to just start over and rebrand.

    All the stuff in Levi’s Word! store is available now for a limited time and is 50% off with the code “finished” so get them while you still can.

    He plans to have the new brand up by March or April.

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    You know Coty, I had been to the other brand’s website and even questioned that mere fact of having two word apparel brands doing tees. Now it all makes sense. The other one isn’t nealy as active as that of Levi. Best wishes to him. I’m sure he will do well….