Empower Your Inner Superhero

Brandon DiNovi from I Am Wellness sent over this video that was made to promote his clothing line. It’s a nifty little one and a half minute bit that shows the packing of an I Am Wellness tee along with cuts that shows off the beautiful city of Seattle. If you’re not familiar with I Am Wellness, be sure to check out this interview that I did with them last month, they are quite the motivating bunch. 

They are also having a video contest to go along with the release of their new video. All you need to do is 1. watch the video, 2. sign up for I Am Wellness email updates, and 3. Check your inbox on February 20 for questions pertaining to the video. Be the first to reply to the email with the correct answers and you will win a free I Am Wellness tee of your choice. All other participants will receive a one-time only coupon code – everyone wins!