Stunt Snail by Glennz Tees

Stunt Snail is the newest design from Glennz Tees that was voted in by members of the site. I feel slightly bad for the snail because I know that even if he pushed as hard as he can he won’t be able to make it through that ring of fire. Snail Fail! This is a nice addition to the already excellent Glennz Tees line. Stunt Snail is printed on an olive American Apparel tee and you can pick it up for $19.95.

Also, if you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to read the interview that I did with Glenn Jones from Glennz Tees for Indie Tee Spotlight #20!

Stunt Snail

Stunt Snail

One Brand’s Trash, Another Brand’s Treasure

One Brand’s Trash, Another Brand’s Treasure is a guest post written by Blake from You Design It where they offer custom t-shirt printing. He’s a t-shirt fanatic that wants to rid the world of suits, one tee at a time.

How many of you out there have a pulse on your brand?. You know what I’m talking about, you eat, sleep and breathe your brand. If you’re talking, chances are…you’re talking about your apparel line. You know as good as anybody that you have to hustle hard day and night to succeed. T-shirt lines are a dime a dozen and only the cream rises to the top.

In the early stages of your t-shirt line, there is going to be a lot of noise you’ll have to filter through. You’ll have your lovers and haters, your friends and enemies, and plenty of know-it-alls along the way. You’ll be inspired by other brands and repulsed by others. These are all very normal situations and just a standard part of the process.

The next best thing to learning from your OWN mistakes when trying to mature as a brand, is to learn from OTHER’S mistakes before you. With the transparency that the internet now provides, you can follow the successes and failures of the brands you’re trying to emulate. But beware, because it’s a very fine line you’ll have to walk.

Let’s take this full circle and go back to the beginning. Remember the pulse question? This was where we established that you and only you know your brand the best. What works for one brand may not work for another and vice versa. Let me give you an example.

It’s safe to say that both The Hundreds and Johnny Cupcakes have seen enormous success for being different than the norm. They have both danced by the beat of their own drum by maintaining styles that are unlike any other in the retail markets. And although they are extremely different, I stumbled across an instance where they were very much alike.

There was a recent post on The Hundreds blog showing some of the samples that they tried but never put into production. The one that stood out to me the most was the Cobra Kai spoof called “Cool Guys”.

The Hundreds

It immediately reminded me of a recent release by Johnny Cupcakes with their own reference to Karate Kid’s Cobra Kai. In the post by The Hundreds, they made it clear that the samples would never go into production. Yet Johnny Cupcakes, no doubt, is reaping big sales with their version of the artwork.

Johnny Cupcakes

The take-home moral of the story is that one brand’s trash may be another brand’s treasure. The Hundreds knew it wasn’t for them, and Johnny Cupcakes felt it fit like a glove (or maybe I should say oven mitt).

You just have to cut through the noise and go with your gut. At the end of the day, your brand is an extension of you.

Zombama Brains: A First For TeeFury

Might this be the passing of the daily tee torch? For the first time ever, TeeFury sold more tees in a single day than its counterpart, Shirt.Woot. The two sub $10 24 hour only tee sites battled it out yesterday (like they do everyday) and TeeFury landed the knockout punch with a zombified presidential design. 

Shirt.Woot’s ChlorofloroHypnoHype sold 1216 tees while TeeFury’s much hyped Zombama Brains by Pop-Monkey sold 1327 in 24 hours. The controversial design sparked praise, criticism and debate all day long and because of this they sold a ton of tees! Here are a few comments people made about Zombama Brains:

AWESOME!!!! Great work Pop-Monkey!!!! I HOPE it causes people to think a little more!!! Doesn’t seem like many people are these days. I’m going to max out my credit card on this one and HOPE for a bail-out!!!!! My Favorite Teefury yet!!! HOPE it doesn’t make anyone FURYous!!!! HOPE this is the best seller ever!!!! Zombama Brains Rules!!! -Ando138

Honestly I agree with lilstephy, it’s appropriately hilarious for Bush but considering Obama made me respect democracy again it just doesn’t make the joke. And why would anyone interpret this as racist? Also what missteps? Obama was given a sh*t filled mess that the reckless spending and mindless complete disregard for human life that is George Bush Administration and you call in his first two months in office, missteps? So, yea, if this was Bush it’d put more food on your family. -Arrow

I’m not easily offended, but as someone who voted for Obama, I find this shirt disappointing, somewhat offensive, and just all-out in bad taste. IMO, only NObama-ians would buy this shirt. I am proud of our President and would rather show my support for him than advocate any disapproval as this shirt portrays. -KittyKatty

I just wanted to say that I’m an Obama supporter/Shepard Fairey fan/horror fan and I just fell absolutely in love with the shirt! I get why you made this shirt and that’s the reason why I had to buy it. Congrats on making a fun shirt that is well done artistically! -Amazonagent

Below you can see some of the numbers from Shirt.Woot and TeeFury’s Monday sales. 

Zobama Brains

Zobama Brains


da Vinci’s Mario by Kevin Tong

Kevin Tong delivers again! You might remember the iSteamPhone that I featured this past January on the site, well, Kevin is back with his da Vinci inspired style to bring us DaVinci’s Mario! He’s definitely found an interesting niche style and I am looking forward to future da Vinci inspired designs – such amazing detail! And like the iSteamPhone, this design is available in poster form (18 inches x 24 inches) for you to frame and hang next to your old school NES or new school Wii.

This three color design is printed on American Apparel blanks and are available for $20. 

da Vinci's Mario

da Vinci's Mario

And in case you’re wondering, this design is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s Views on the Fetus in the Womb. 

da Vinci’s Views of the Foetus in the Womb

Coty Loves Threadless #7

It’s the week after the big Threadless Spring Cleaning Sale and we’ve got 6 new tees to review. Who scored 2 winks this week? How about 1 winkers? Any zero winkers? Ah the suspense! All I can tell you is that Enkel Dika aka buko scored big this week with two new prints and my Threadless Pick of the Week!

Coty Loves Threadless #7 on YouTube. Also, I’ll give you a hug if you subscribe to me on YouTube!

Arctic Howl by Enkel Dika is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

Arctic Howl by Enkel Dika

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Invisible by Reece Ward

Here’s a geeky tee that any Photoshop guru could appreciate. It’s called Invisible and perfectly so, since it’ll seem as if you’re slowing erasing yourself whenever you use this tee. 

You can pick up this tee from RedBubble for $24.00 in multiple styles and colors. 



New Fuzzy Ink Tee: Game Over

Fuzzy Ink just unleashed their newest tee and I am super excited! The design is called Game Over and it was created by the ever popular jublin! I am pretty sure that any 80’s kid that grew up basically attached to his Nintendo control pad will love this tee. 

The design is printed on a grass green tee is available now at Fuzzy Ink for the presale price of $16.95. But, you can save yourself 10% off your ENTIRE Fuzzy Ink purchase if you use the coupon code “Hawaii” because I’m your favorite Hawaii tee blogger! OK, I am off to go dust off my old NES and collect some coins Cha-Ching!

Game Over

Game Over

Lowdtown: From Concept To T-Shirt

Ray Masaki of Lowdtown Friends & Freaks made a great post on his blog showing the design process of his latest tee. Public Radio is a collaboration between Masaki and illustrator/motion graphics artist, Nathaniel Milburn. In the post, Masaki shows how they went from brainstorming, to refining the art, and of course to the final design. I’ve included a few pictures here but be sure to check out the blog post at Lowdtown to see the entire 7-step process. 

Public Radio will be released on April 1st so be on a look for it! And remember, you can save 10% off your next purchase at Lowdtown with the coupon code “COTY”. 





Haymaker by Sharpshirter

Here’s a great tee that I stumbled upon on Rumplo. It’s called Haymaker and it’s from our friends at Sharp Shirter. It’s an interesting piece of imagery to say the least. What looks like a Paul Bunyan type dude is knocking the teeth out of a very big and quite scary bear. Dwight Schrute from The Office might be a little offended, but I dig it. 

It’s available now from Sharp Shirter for $22. The tee is printed on an American Apparel blank. 



TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Week 1

Week one of my epic TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment has just wrapped up. Wheww, and I have to admit that I am mentally exhausted! I underestimated how hard it would be to come up with just one original slogan a day. It’s hard guys. Luckily, I’ve employed a bit of strategy. All of the slogan submissions some way had to do with an event or something that I experienced during the day. This helped. And so every Friday I will break down my seven Typetees submissions of the week … until I get printed by Threadless! So, if you’re sick of this then vote me up so Threadless hurries and prints me! Or, if you enjoy the slogan – go ahead and give me some I’d Wear It’s, it will make me smile.

My question for those of you who have submitted to TypeTees and have been printed – how long do you guys think this will take? What are the chances that any of my slogans will ever see the light of day on a TypeTees tee?


I used to be fierce. Now I’m ruthless!

Interesting, this was my inaugural TypeTees slogan entry. What was I thinking! And no, I was not listing to Beyonce prior to hitting submit. I actually just wrapped up watching Punisher: Warzone and this popped in my mind. Best of the three Punisher picks, BTW. 

What kind of egg are you?

Eggs! This one was easy since on this day I was inspired by some of the best Eggs Benedict on the island. And being from Hawaii, it’s not just any Eggs Benedict – it’s Eggs Benedict on Kalua Pork from Cinnamon’s in beautiful Kailua. Great way to spend a Sunday morning!

This is me in high definition.

I believe I was flipping through the weekly Bestbuy ad when I realized that everything “good” nowadays must be high definition. And well, me in person is in fact me in high definition, so there you go. 

My life fits in a manila folder.

Very true. I’m an academic by training. I love school. When I finish grad school I plan to get a job as a University professor hence prolonging my stay in school indefinitely. And so, my life which is consumed by reading and reading over and over again research articles can literally fit in a manila folder. Just throw a couple of relevant articles into a manila folder on any given day and I am set.

Please do not lean on torso.

I went to go and eat some char siu pork ramen from one of my favorite ramen restaurants, Goma Tei. While waiting to go in I noticed a Do Not Lean on Glass warning on a neighboring shops window. 

Four words: listen to the woman.

If you’ve got a girl in your life – listen to her! That’s all I’m going to say here. Best advice ever.

All you need to do to join my fan club is give me a hug.

If I had a fan club, the price to join would be a hug because hugs are one of the worlds greatest inventions.