Marvellous Marvin by Wotto

It probably an understatement to say that Craig “Wotto” Watkins is beloved in the  indie t-shirt scene. Wotto has had a ton of designs printed by various brands including Threadless, Fuzzy Ink, TeeFury, and Shirt.Woot just to name a few. His online portfolio shows off a humungous collection of tee designs that he had been commissioned to do. 

Now Wotto has decided to take the plunge and have one of his designs printed under his own Wotto brand and have them for sale at his Big Cartel store. The tee is called Marvellous Marvin and it’s a limited edition print and has the distinct recognition as being the first self-printed Wotto design. As with most Wotto designs, the cuteness factor of Marvellous Marvin is very high! The design is printed on an American Apparel tee and is available for $17 but you can score a 15% discount with the coupon code “friends”.

Might this be the first step away from Wotto doing designs for other brands? Is he preparing for world domination? Only time will tell…dun dun dun!

Marvellous Marvin


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