Coty Loves Threadless #5

It’s a big week at Threadless! First the Spring Cleaning sale and then 9 new tee releases! This might be too much for me to handle. Olly Moss’ Shoot The Baddies was my Threadless Pick of the Week but watch on to see how I score the rest of the tees!

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Shoot The Baddies by Olly Moss is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

Shoot the Baddies by Olly Moss

Pancakes Mountain by MAPPLE

The Fantastic Voyage by Terry Fan

How To Celebrate Your First Touchdown by David Soames

Hunting Ducks by David Fleck

Sometimes I Get Bored by Julia Sonmi Heglund

PIZZA PARTY!!! by Pizza Party

Autumn Chameleons by Terry Fan and Eric Fan

New Hairstyle by Lucas de Alcantara