Happy Birthday Sale at Glennz Tees

Glennz Tees will be celebrating its 1st year anniversary and to celebrate the occasion they’ve got a one day only Happy Birthday Sale. If you buy a tee from Glennz this Wednesday, March 11, you can save 20% off your entire order using the coupon code “Birthday”. The tees over at Glennz cost $19.95 each so with 20% off expect to shave off about 4 bucks per shirt. Here’s the official word from Glennz:

“Time flies when you’re having fun, and all of sudden it’s our first Birthday! So to say thanks for all your support this year we’re giving you a coupon for 20% off all our Tees this Wednesday, March 11 (Central Standard Time USA) – When you make your purchase just enter the coupon code ‘Birthday’ (no quotes). It’s been a great first year and we’re looking forward to this year with lots more tees and a few new products along the way too. Remember to keep a look out in our voting section so you can have your say on what we print next.”

And if that weren’t enough, Glenn has also made available a ton of iPhone Wallpaper featuring many of his popular designs. I’ve got Scrap Metal loaded on my iPhone!

Glennz Tees

Glennz Wallpaper

Attack of the Coupon Codes: March Edition!

It’s a new month and that means I’ve got a whole new crop of coupon codes for you to use to your hearts desire! I’ve got an amazing set of Coty exclusive coupon codes for your to use courtesy of some awesome T-Shirt brands. 

I’ve been working hard to bring you the best discounts from some of your favorite indie brands. There’s a tee for everyones taste in the newest additions to our Attack of the Coupon Codes family (51 coupon codes total and growing). Be sure to check out the individual brand pages to learn a little more about them and to see what my tee picks were. The newest additions are: 

410BC: 20% off

Chop Shop: 15% off

Dead, Serious! Clothing: 10% off

Dobodob: 10% off

Doubletake Clothing: 10% off

FAQTAP: 20% off

Faveur Clothing: 15% off

Loiter Ink: Buy 3 Shirts and Get Free Shipping

Salmiler: 20% off

Springleap: 10% off

Teextile: Free Shipping

Wandering Whale: 12% off

The list of participating brands is growing – we’ve partnered with 51 of your favorite indie brands so far and we hope to partner up with many more throughout the year! Be sure to check out our Attack of the Coupon Code page to see the complete list.

T-Shirt Coupons

HURM by iFanboy

It was a huge weekend for The Watchmen and so I thought that I’d do the requisite Watchmen T-Shirt post. But so many cool Watchmen tees have already been covered that I didn’t want to just repost the same old tee. And so I got pretty excited while watching The Totally Rad Show over the weekend and noticed that one of the hosts, Jeff Cannata, was wearing a Watchmen themed tee that I hadn’t seen before. 

The tee is called HURM and is available now in limited quantities from the iFanboy online store. Only 250 of these bad boys were printed so if you want one you better go grab one now. It’s available for $15. For those of  you unfamiliar with the show, iFanboy is a video podcast that’s all about comic books. It’s a Revision3 show so you know that production value is very high, if you’re a comic fan, I highly recommend it. Check out the latest iFanboy episode below, and surprisingly it’s all about The Watchmen!

Back to the tee, HURM. If you read the Watchmen graphic novel then you know that the phrase is one said by one of my favorite Watchmen characters, Rorschach. If you haven’t read the graphic novel then I definitely suggest that you check it out, especially if you enjoyed the film or want more after having watched the film. How many of you have seen The Watchmen? What did you think of the film? 


Johnny Cupcakes Presents: The Karate Kid

The last time it was Back To The Future, this time around, Johnny Cupcakes will be screening The Karate Kid! If you live in the Boston area then definitely check this out. You can expect not just the movie, but also trivia, games, raffles and of course, limited edition Johnny Cupcakes shirts only available at the screening. Plus, I heard that everyone that attends gets a free Johnny Cupcakes bandana ala The Karate Kid! Check out below for more information.

“Join me on Saturday March 14th at 11:55pm (midnight) to see THE KARATE KID on the big screen for $7.75 @ The Coolidge Corner Theatre on 290 Harvard Street – Brookline, MA. We even got a hold of the original movie reel from back in the day! And… we might even have a special karate expert guest, karate-chop stuff in half before the movie starts! I will have a NEW limited movie themed t-shirt / colorway that is limited and numbered up to 50 or 60. We will release some of these to the public in a different colorway, but the numbered ones will be available only at this event. Also, I have special, exclusive Johnny Cupcakes Karate Kid head bandannas that will be given out to each person for free!” -Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes Karate Kid

Marvellous Marvin by Wotto

It probably an understatement to say that Craig “Wotto” Watkins is beloved in the  indie t-shirt scene. Wotto has had a ton of designs printed by various brands including Threadless, Fuzzy Ink, TeeFury, and Shirt.Woot just to name a few. His online portfolio shows off a humungous collection of tee designs that he had been commissioned to do. 

Now Wotto has decided to take the plunge and have one of his designs printed under his own Wotto brand and have them for sale at his Big Cartel store. The tee is called Marvellous Marvin and it’s a limited edition print and has the distinct recognition as being the first self-printed Wotto design. As with most Wotto designs, the cuteness factor of Marvellous Marvin is very high! The design is printed on an American Apparel tee and is available for $17 but you can score a 15% discount with the coupon code “friends”.

Might this be the first step away from Wotto doing designs for other brands? Is he preparing for world domination? Only time will tell…dun dun dun!

Marvellous Marvin

The Jon Wye Workshop

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you know how much I dig the gear that Jon Wye has been pumping out. For the uninformed, Jon Wye is a belt and t-shirt designer based out of Washington, D.C. If you need a quick review of Jon Wye then I suggest you check out Indie Tee Spotlight #14 for an interview that I did with Jon, Glorious Nonsensities Episode 1 for a video review of one of his custom belts and of course, head over to his website to buy Jon Wye stuff!

Also, Jon recently posted a video on his website that introduces his brand and shows off his Washington D.C. workshop. He has got a lot of cool machinery!

Also, it’s Attack of the Coupon Codes time, you can save 5 bucks on your next Jon Wye order with the coupon code “5up”. 

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat by Doubletake Clothing is the follow up to the brands initial and immensely popular release, Bears, Beets and Battlestar. With the newest shirt, Doubletake continues to take tackle humor head on. And having spoke to the Doubletake people, this won’t be the last time you see a dinosaur on a Doubletake T-Shirt! That’s a good thing because I love me some dinosaurs! The design is printed on a green American Apparel tee and is available for $20.00. 

The best part is that you can save 10% on this tee and Bears, Beets and Battlestar with the coupon code “COTYEATS10SUSHI”. Thanks Doubletake!

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Bat-Tuk-Tuk by rubyred

If Batman ever decided to go green and reinvent the Batmobile (or Tumblr) so that it was a fuel efficient bad boy, then this is what it would look like. Artist rubyred designed this tee, appropriately named Bat-Tuk-Tuk. You can pick it up now from Redbubble for $26.53. I found the tee description entertaining: 

“Alfred decided the next evolution of the Batmobile should be a little cheaper and more environmentally friendly. And, after Batman destroyed the Tumbler, he thought as punishment, he should be responsible for keeping it clean. Batman was not too impressed…”




via Fashionably Geek