Farewell To Arms by Cloxboy

This is an interesting Star Wars inspired tee by Cloxboy titled Farewell To Arms. It’s obviously poking fun at the uncanny number of limbs lost throughout the 6 Star Wars films. Now here’s a stat for you, in the Star Wars films, 9 hands get chopped off. Let’s see, Anakin loses both hands, and so does Count Dooku. And Darth Vader, Grievous, The Wampa of Hoth, Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker each lost a hand while Ponda Baba had his hand cut off by Obi-Wan.

Farewell To Arms is printed on a silver American Apparel tee and is available now for purchase for 17 buckaroos. Go pick one up now to wear at your next Star Wars movie night. 

Farewell To Arms by Cloxboy

Farewell To Arms by Cloxboy


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    speaking from experience… this is cease and desistville for shizzle. if you want a copy of this, i’d say buy now baby! iteven has a key on the back nailing the coffin tight!

    very cool btw. i am a big fan of pointing out all the lost arms in star wars and would have done one for sure except for already having collected my Lucasfilm C&D… suitable for framing.

    the peeps at lucasfilm are very cool, btw. they are only protecting their copyrights which they are practically required to do the way the laws are written. they are absolutely not dicks about it.

    speaking from experience.

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    Yeah, from what I’ve heard, those Lucasfilm lawyers are quick to action when it comes to their intellectual property. At the same time, how cool is it to be able to say that you’ve gotten a Cease & Desist letter from Lucasfilm, lol! I have to say though that they’ve been very lenient on people that do Star Wars fan films and stories, and even sponsor a few fan film events which is pretty cool.

    Out of curiosity, which one did they have you remove from the chop shop?

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    Stripe Wars. they were 3 designs of chewbacca, darth and tusken raider in auto-pinstriping style. we sold them for about a year and they just wanted them down. i actually get annoyed with people who criticize them for sending C&Ds. they are not at all aggressive about it and the law forces them to do it or they could lose their copyrights.