A Better Tomorrow Meets Art Bastard Contest

I haven’t blogged much about A Better Tomorrow, mainly because I don’t understand German, but I did think this would be of interest to the designers that read this blog. The German T-Shirt design competition site is having a special A Better Tomorrow Meets Art Bastard shirt contest that runs until May 25. Winner will receive 500 € cash and 100 buttons of featuring their design. I was just checking out A Better Tomorrow and they have some amazing tees, I will definitely be visiting that site more often!

The theme for this special contest with Art Bastard is “We Love Art”, which, seems general enough for you folks to come up with something amazingly cool. For those of you unfamiliar with Art Bastard, they are a website that feature urban contemporary art and culture – a site that’s definitely worth checking out. See below for official rules to the contest.

A Better Tomorrow Meets Art Bastard


Yeah, it’s time for another funny event at A better tomorrow!

Today we’ve launched the Special Contest together with Art Bastard!
Until the next 4 weeks you can submit your designs! The theme is “We love Art”, so we are looking forward to some amazing artsy subs!

The winner will receive a prize of 500 Euro! Also the winner will be presented in the Nice/Nice Exhibition Space in Germany/Hannover. And finally the winner gets 100 buttons of his/her winning design! So, a bundle of nice prizes!

Be creative! No semi-finished stuff.. send us your design idea with a short story! Copy Shops are somewhere uptown! Here you will find our latest winner:

Without any bling, make a vector design like illustrator does. If you would like to see a pixel motif on your shirt … at least take 150 dpi! In any case please note the following:

no far-away colour variations of one colour (do not use 10% black for a light grey but as a single colour!)

Download our photoshop template (or have a look at other templates) and place your design to where you would like it to be positioned. Additionally you can give us a more detailed view. It is just about a preview of your design for the community, please note, that our server are small and expensive and we could not afford this data load: meaningfully name your design, give a description and tag it for the internal search so that others will find it on according requests. 350×350 Pixel …Jpg format and up you go!

Got the rules? Following you will find the most important information why we delete some posts resp. decline some as well:

if the demands to the design are not fulfilled (e.g. more than six colours etc.)
if it is obvious that the motif is not possible to produce from a technical view (e.g. stretched pixy motifs)
if the design is a duplicate (e.g. more than one variation or slight changes afterwards)
if the design is already online at a competitor´s site
if the design belongs to somebody who could claim his rights (e.g. infringe a copy right or politically dubious)


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    No problem Andre! I also finally subscribed to the A Better Tomorrow blog RSS feed to hopefully can keep myself up to date that way on more new from ABT!