Beautiful/Decay Spring/Summer 2009 Line

Beautiful/Decay just released their brand spanking new Spring/Summer line 2009 and it’s a conglomeration of colorful artfulness! And the new line is not shy of star power either as it features some big name designers like Clara Terne, Pablo Alfier,  Jesse Auersalo, Oliver Hibert, Tommy Ruet and James Callahan. 

The tees are available now at the Beautiful/Decay Store. The tees do run on the high end at $29.95, but hey, it’s art so what do you expect! 

Beautiful/Decay Spring 2009 Line

Beautiful/Decay Spring 2009 Line


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    Oh hey! Nice to meet you, Coty! That Heartee site was made for a class last year, it’s not a real blog. How on earth did you find it? xD I’m glad you like it though, and thanks for the tip!

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    Hi Nurie, nice to see you on my site! I can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog – I must have been googling something about T-Shirts and your site popped up! So you don’t keep up with Heartee? You had some real unique tee there!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog and please visit often!