Heavy Metal Rules by Giovanni Ricchi

This tee, designed by Giovanni Ricchi, comes to us straight from Scribtee and it’s called Heavy Metal Rules. I dig the design but don’t think that the mock up gives it justice. I would prefer some larger model shots, but they didn’t have any on the site. My second gripe, since this tee is comprised of a bunch of rulers. Why hasn’t the United States switched to the metric system yet? Forget inches, it’s all about the meter. 

This tee is available in mens and womens sizes and it can be yours for 22 buckaroos. 

Heavy Metal Rules by Giovanni Ricchi

Heavy Metal Rules by Giovanni Ricchi

MacGhosts by Gary Gao

If you didn’t already know, I am an Apple fanboy and as such I am a sucker for Mac themed tees. This t-shirt by Gary Gao is no exception. It’s called MacGhosts and is actually a reissue of a tee that Gary sold on his site in 2008. Many people that own Mac’s have the most difficult time letting go of their machines. I myself still have every Mac that I have ever owned tucked away somewhere in my home. They are too precious to let go of!

MacGhosts let’s us have a peak at what’s goes on with those Mac’s when they have been put away to rest. Kinda spooky but kinda fun at the same time! This tee sports a 4 color soft-hand plastisol screenprint on American Apparel Asphalt shirt. You can pick one up for just $17. 

MacGhosts by Gary Gao

MacGhosts by Gary Gao

El Presidente’s Birthday by Greg Abbott

This weeks ShirtFight winner comes with compliments from designer Greg Abbott. The design is called El Presidente’s Birthday and fittingly so! The ShirtFight theme, was, you guessed it – El Presidente’s Birthday. And if you are a little confused, let me fill in some gaps. El Presidente is one half of the pair that runs ShirtFight and it was his birthday this past week. Greg did a wonderful job at squeezing in a bunch of the things that El Presidente had on his birthday wish list. Congratulations on the win, Greg! You can pick up this weeks winning tee at ShirtFight for the sale price of $15 (it’ll be $21 in a week so buy it now). Also, they’ve got a great interview up with the winning artist, you can check that out here. 



If you think you  have the chops to beat out the competition then why not try your hand at this weeks ShirtFight theme: hidden subliminal messages! Check out the video below for all the details that you’ll ever need. This ShirtFight ends on April 9.

MyPartyShirt Easter Egg Hunt

Want to have some fun? Then head on over to MyPartyShirt, they are having their 1st ever Easter egg hunt! You must be wondering, eggs?! Yes, eggs! They have hidden several easter eggs throughout their site and the more of them that you find the more you can save on tees at MyPartyShirt. Each egg is worth a certain discount amount and they even have a coveted golden egg for you to find. Here are the official details and if you are interested, start here:

Your search begins here. We have hidden 9 yellow Easter Eggs throughout our site and one top secret, highly coveted, Golden Egg. Each egg you find will add on more of a discount to your order. You can earn up to 23% in discounts if you locate all the eggs. Simply follow the hints and you will be on your way to big savings in no time.

Here are a few MyPartyShirt recommendations from me to you:

Super Grover

Camp Anawanna

The Beets

TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment Week 2

Week two of my epic TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment has wrapped up and I haven’t flinched yet. I’m getting the hang of submitting daily and have even gotten into the routine of jotting down potential slogans into my iPhone whenever they come to me. And they come to me at the oddest moments. It’s a good thing iPhone follows me wherever I go! To see all of my slogans and to vote for them check out my Threadless profile page. Vote for me and I will make you a grilled cheese sandwich if ever we meet in real life. 


This is my Handkerchief whenever no one is looking.

This is true! Especially when I am sick and only when I am desperate and without a box of tissues. 

I am a vegan trickster. Want to taste some tofu bacon?

I was watching the latest episode of Diggnation and Gary Vaynerchuk was a guest on the show. He was giving Hippie Glenn (Glenn McElhose) a hard time and at one point Kevin claimed that Glenn (who is a vegan) ate some bacon at his home. Gary then called him a vegan tricker. 

No sledding in the cemetery. It’ll wake the dead.

Hmmm, I believe I saw a photo on Flickr (I should have saved it for reference) that said No Sledding in the Cemetery. Apparently, it was a real sign posted at a real cemetery. The last pat of the slogan was my addition – I think it works!

My inbox is bigger than your inbox. And that’s not a good thing.

My email inbox has been getting swamped for some reason lately. And that is definitely not a good thing. It does, though, mean that people want to talk to me and so in that respect I guess it’s a good thing!

A lifetime of bacon trumps the slim chance of eternity in heaven.

Threadless chief operating officer Jeffrey Kalmikoff made the following tweet: “@skaw For me, a lifetime filled with bacon trumps the slim to none chance of eternity in heaven. Besides, no bacon in heaven? No thanks.” I thought it was brilliant. I had to trim it to fit the slogan limit but I got it to work. Thanks Jeffrey!

cut and paste. Where would I be without

Cut and paste has got to be one of the greatest computing inventions. EVER! You’d be surprised to find out how many times a day you use cut and paste. I know I use it a lot! Show cut and paste some love and vote for this one.

Pinch me once, shame on you. Pinch me twice and I pinch back.

This slogan was inspired by an episode of Judge Judy. I believe somebody was blaming somebody of pinching their kid. Really people, pinching? Learn to pinch back!

Johnny Cupcakes Demands Apology From Sorority

According to the Daily Orange, T-Shirt entrepreneur Johnny Cupcakes marched up to the Gamma Delta sorority house after one of his signature Johnny Cupcakes lectures at Syracuse University. During the lecture, he had shown examples of designs that had been ripped off by other companies, including Billabong. Apparently, Johnny Earle, the real man behind the Johnny Cipcakes brand, was upset because this particular sorority had used the Johnny Cupcakes skull and bones logo, without permission, on a sorority T-Shirt last year. 

And so Earle and company (a bunch of students) marched up to the sorority house door and demanded an apology. Story goes on to say that Earle got his apology and even an offer for dinner, which he said no to.

“I walked up their stairs and knocked on the door a bunch of times. I was in a good mood, so I told them I’d like an apology. They thought I was pulling out a weapon when I reached for my camera bag. I got many sincere apologies and they offered to cook food for me, as well as raise money for a charity of my choice. I have a list of things they gave to me, that they offered to do to remedy the situation. I told them to never ever wear those t-shirts in public(I might have them send the shirts my way) – and I explained to them that what they did was illegal and looked down upon. I’m sure the higher-ups at Delta Gamma would be disappointed with what this sorority/chapter did. Passing down the positive Delta Gamma legacy is hard to do when one of their chapters is doing something illegal, which is being written about in the school + local newspapers. I now know who they are and where they live. If I decide to take further legal action I just might, but for now we are at peace and they responded immediately in a possitive manner. Thank you everyone for backing me up, literally. That was quite a fun and epic night.” -Johnny Cupcakes

Syracuse Delta Gamma

Syracuse Gamma Delta

Coty Loves Threadless #8

Threadless threw a curveball this week and released 5 new Underscored tees. These are tees that didn’t do too well in community scoring but ones that Threadless though deserved to be printed. No Aprils Fools joke here! And I actually think that this bunch beats out the regular Monday batch that they released two days ago. Great stuff!

Coty Loves Threadless #8 on YouTube. Also, I’ll give you a hug if you subscribe to me on YouTube!

Angry Kid by James Davies is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

Angry Kid by James Davies

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10 Tips From 10 Great Indie Brands (Part II)

Can you believe it guys? Another 10 Indie Tee Spotlights have come and gone. How the time zooms by when you’re having fun, huh! So just like last time, I’ve got a wrap up post for your consumption containing ten, count em’ TEN  great tips from the last 10 featured Indie Tee Spotlight brands. Enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

1. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously. “When we first began brainstorming ideas and concepts for shirts we thought we were going to revolutionize the t-shirt world. However, as we began studying our competition and becoming familiar with the t-shirt blogging scene we realized that a lot of people not only had the same ideas, but were sometimes better executed. It made me realize that we can’t take ourselves too seriously.” -Steve Orlando of Robit Studios

2. Hating Your Day Job Can Spark Inspiration. “We both really wanted to start our own tshirt company, with designs we couldnt find in stores. It also helps we both hate our day jobs. Ill never forget checking out Emptees for the first time and saying wow, this stuff is amazing I really want to wear this. ” -Brothers Jason and Jeff of Zombie Liquorice

3. Trial and Error Works. “There is so much knowledge available on the internet for the taking. The key is being able to sift through it. And then once you think you’ve sifted through all you can handle you take the plunge and start to put your money on the line and test things out. So my whole shop, process, everything came from being willing to learn and never be too set in my ways, which is something I think a lot of people get hung up on. You have to be fluid.” -Jon Wye of Jon Wye

4. Your Brand Should Mean The World To You. “It’s such an amazing and beautiful thing to be at the helm of a boundless and opportunistic endeavor. The identity, personality and collective attributes of my brand are nothing short of what time, frugality, devotion and hard work can produce. Prestigious means the world to me.” -William Matte, Jr. of Prestigious Clothing

5. Create Something That You Would Wear and Won’t Lose It’s Appeal. “That’s a good question. There’s no real formula or specific criteria here, but generally each shirt should be something that (a) we think is inventive, humorous or unique (and hence, won’t lose its appeal over time) and (b) something that we ourselves would wear out in public.” -Travis Greenwood of Found Item Clothing

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