4 For $20 Sale at Ten Bills

This is one of those hush-hush sales that you’ll only know about if you’re receiving the Ten Bills newsletter. And it’s hush-hush for good reason. There was basically a printing error in a tee called Ashes to Ashes from Ten Bills and instead of selling the faulty tees at full price, they decided to basically give them away for the dirt cheap price of 4 for $20 bucks. I kinda wish that they would have offered the option to buy just one of these tees, because I am not sure what I would do with four of them! In any case, if you’re a bargain hunter than this might be something you might be interested in.

“This week we are presenting a special item that is sort of a secret (that’s why it’s not on the main page). We had a batch of designs that were misprinted with the design, “Ashes to Ashes”. The print did not come out complete and some of the details in the edges were lost. We have decided to sell them in what we call “4/$20 Packs” or in other words, four t-shirts for $20. Quantities are limited and we expect them to sell out quick. They are great tees but the design was not printed well enough to do the design justice so we couldn’t sell them. Since these are mistakes, you can understand why it’s not on the main page.”

Ten Bills 4/$20 Sale

Avaryce Clothing Spring 2009 Line

Avaryce (pronounce av-er-is), a new brand out of Southern California, has just released their first line of tees this season called 2 Legit 2 Quit (MC Hammer would be proud). The slogan at Avaryce is “The World is Your Canvas, Don’t Let it Go to Waste.” and as such they pack every order with a random color marker and encourage Avaryce fans to go out and create something unique. If  you send in your art (created with the marker) they will post it in their Art section. 

The shirts are printed on American Apparel blanks and sell for $18. You can also pick up the Avaryce package which includes all three tees from the new line for $45 (a savings of 9 buckaroos). 


AT-AT Anatomy by rubyred

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a Star Wars inspired tee here so I am more than happy to feature this tee of beauty titled AT-AT Anatomy and designed by rubyred. It’s a great tee that I stumbled upon while perusing redbubble and it seems that this particular design has been getting a lot of love (by way of comments) there so I thought it was worth sharing. I have to say that it kinda reminds me of Glennz Tees for some reason, they have a similar style. 

Since the Dark Side started using genetically modified walkers, they found many had to visit the Imperial Veterinary Clinic of Osteology suffering with acute pain in their hip joints. X-rays revealed their skeleton structure was just not strong enough to manoeuvre wearing those heavy boots. No amount of Cod Liver oil would ease their pain.

The tee is available now from redbubble in a variety of color options. You can pick one up now for $26.13 after currency conversion.

AT-AT Anatomy

AT-AT Anatomy

ShirtFight #5 Winner is Geisha by alanis

Congratulations to alanis for creating the winning design for ShirtFight #5. If you remember correctly, the theme was Miss Etti’s Birthday and she had an entire list of birthday wants. She chose Geisha as her favorite design and alanis earned a cool $500 for being the winner of ShirtFight #5! 

Geisha by alanis

Geisha by Alanis

For those of you who think that they’ve got the chomps to jump into a ShirtFght then dust off your mouse and start to prepare for ShirtFight #6: Shirts of the Future! Check out the video for more information.

Pyknic Releases New Line

Pyknic Clothing just released their newest line today and I have to admit, they’ve got some awesome new stuff! If you’re a fan of Pyknic then I am sure that you will not be disappointed with the new line, it’s just more Pyknic food and utensil goodness. My favorites from the new collection include Pyknic Ware, Sausage Shoppe and Space Snacks. They also released a brand new hoodie and a new signature necklace for those of you who have just a tad too much tees. The shirts are priced at $24.98 and are available now for purchase. 

Pyknic Ware

Space Snacks

Chef X Butcher

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TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment Week 4

Tada, Friday is slogan day and I’ve got another weeks worth of TypeTees slogan entries for you guys to vote for! Help me out in my epic TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment! I can taste that Threadless shield so vote so I can get printed! To see all of my slogans and to vote for them check out my Threadless profile page. Vote for me and I will make you waffles if ever we meet in real life.


Fact: I am faster than 100 percent of all snails.

Hmmm, this is a variation of a quote from The Office that I actually saw on a friends Facebook page. I changed the snakes to snails and 80% to 100% and called it a day. 

If all men became priests then humanity would go extinct.

This one came from roommates brother who said something similar (but not as good, lol).

Sketchbooks are to humans as corn fields are to aliens.

This is so true, right! Humans draw in sketchbooks and aliens take it a step further and fly to another planet and sketch on corn fields. On a separate note – I’d love to meet a bona fide alien, if you know one then hook me up.

I’m only lazy when I am awake.

I certainly felt like it on this particular day, probably because I was preparing a presentation on cognition and brain damage and I was pretty tired. In the end, the Keynote came out to over 100 slides (my slides consists mainly of images and slides with only a few words) and the presentation was super!

Sometimes I just sit alone, scratch my head and wonder why.

Yeah, this is me being emo. Probably because of the reasons I explained above.

An eye for an eye will only result in partial blindness.

Oh Mr. Gandhi was such a great dude – but he got this one wrong. An eye for an eye will only result in two guys with partial blindness. Stay away from the eyes! And be good people!

I only fall down for the push ups.

I tested this one out with a friend and he didn’t get it. His loss!

Zombie Survival Plan

Here’s a great tee that I stumbled upon while perusing Rangga’s great site, Cottonable. This is probably the best shirt to have in the event that you find yourself in the middle of a zombie infestation. I always thought that zombies were a bit overrated in terms of the fright factor. I mean, come on, they are such slow movers! Unless of course you’re dealing with “I Am Legend” type zombies, in which case, this T-Shirt will probably not help you one bit. 

You can pick up Zombie Survival Plan from Crazy Dog T-Shirts for $14.99.

Zombie Survival Plan

40% Off Sale and Contest at Immortal Revenge

Immortal Revenge has got an awesome presale offering going on for their newest designs, Wheel of Fotune and Time To Eat. Both tees are available for just $15. After presale, the cost of these tees will increase by 10 bucks, so if you like em’ then grab em’ now! The presale will end on April 27. And if you want even more savings then use the coupon code “COTY” for an extra 20% off your entire order!

Wheel of Misfortune

Time To Eat

They are also having a contest which is about to end soon, but i thought was worth posting. Here are the details:

Post your sketch or idea for our next tshirt. What does Immortal Revenge look like to you? You can also email it to me at simeongregory@gmail.com . Sketch may be any form of rough draft or simple layout of shirt.

Rules: None except it ends tonight 4/16 at 10pm PST 
Prizes: Free stuff 
Winner = Free Shirt of Choice + Free shirt of the idea or sketch that gets printed

I will also be sending out free shirts and 50% coupon codes for the best slogans, sayings or design titles. Any questions just post them here or drop me an email.

Co-Tee TV Episode 15: iSteamphone, AlrightOK and Salutations

In this episode I wear iSteamphone by Kevin Tong and review Welcome Home from AlrightOK, a Florida based brand that is a single-minded collective visually expressing their loves, hates and fears through the medium of T-Shirts. Use the coupon code “coty” on your next AlrightOK purchase and save 20%. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

You can also watch this episode on Vimeo, Viddler, YouTube, blip.tv and download and sync all episodes to your iPod or iPhone by subscribing for free to Co-Tee TV in the iTunes Store.

Coty’s Thoughts:

Welcome Home by AlrightOK. Good: Great design, lot’s of extras including custom hangtags and pins, screen printed (discharge print) in three different areas (front, back and inner neck), tagless for itchfree comfort, print should get softer after first wash, and the packaging is top notch. Bad: The tee is printed on an Alstyle blank and is a little baggier than I am used to, but I am sure that after the first wash it will fit perfectly. Price: $22.00 but you can save 20% if you use the coupon code “coty” at checkout.

Welcome Home by AlrightOK

iSteamphone by Kevin Tong. This is a great T-Shirt for any Apple fan or even Da Vinci Fan, would make a great gift! Printed on an American Apparel blank so they are super soft and they fit well. This exploded tee puts other exploded tees to shame! Price: $20.00.


If you want to sent me a product to review, please feel free to do so. You can find my information in the contact menu above. Thanks!

Two New Bloody Glennz Tees

Looks like our buddy Glenn Jones from Glennz Tees is unleashing his inner monster – through his art! Eternal Exercise and Office Chat are the latest tees from our favorite New Zealand based T-shirt artist. Office Chat is one that I’ve been wanting to see printed for a while now, ever since Glenn opened up his designs for voting, and now that it’s available I just might have to pick it up! Both shirts are available from Glennz Tees for $19.95 and are printed on silver (Eternal Exercise) and cranberry (Office Chat) American Apparel tees.

Eternal Exercise

Office Chat