Swine Flu: Bacon’s Revenge!

Everyone’s got a fever over the swine flu pandemic – okay, bad choice of words. Back on point, a t-shirt was bound to happen and so here it is, Swine Flu: Bacon’s Revenge by Neatorama illustrator Chris Murphy. The shirt is available from Neatorama for the low price of $9.95 and is also available as a sweatshirt or hoodie. Thank goodness I live on a pretty isolated island – I love you Hawaii.

Swine Flu: Bacon's Revenge

And if you’re in one of the Swine Flu hotspots, why not make it a fashionable event! If I was a surgeon of any sort, I would definitely rock one of these bad boys – they all look so freakin’ fresh. The masks were actually designed by artist Irina Bok and she will be producing a very limited amounted of these. Here’s the info:

With all the paranoia about swine flu i think there’s an opportunity to do something cool – design fashion surgical masks! Not only they are aesthetically pleasing, they can save your life (well.. not really.. they mostly just look good.)

I am planning to produce very limited edition of these in about 4 weeks and they will cost about $10 (plus $3 S&H). Email me to get your name on the list: irinablok@gmail.com

Neato idea, Irina!

Swine Flu Masks