robotRock by Chop Shop

Most geeks that you meet will probably admit to being fans of robots. And why not? Robots are representative of the technical advancements that we wish we had, and, well, they’re just cool to see, imagine, build, etc. As an 80’s kid I grew up watching Transformers and Voltron, and in the 90’s I admittedly watched The Power Rangers series. There’s just something so innately appealing about robots for tech geeks like myself. 

But enough reminiscing, here’s a tee from the guys over at the Chop Shop. It’s their newest tee and it’s called robotRock. I love the image, but not so sure of the Japanese text – can anyone translate? The tee is available in three different colors: olive, dark chocolate and black. You can pick one up today from Chop Shop for just $20.00 but remember to use the coupon code “cotygun” for 15% off of your next order at the Chop Shop! And, seriously, does anyone know what the Japanese text means?!

robotRock by Chop Shop


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    The text says “chop shop” using katakana. You can see that the last three characters of both words are the same. It’s actually a little badly written, the inside characters should be smaller than the outside two. They wrote:
    チヨツプ which is pronounced chiyotsupu.
    They should have written:
    チョップ which is pronounced choppu.
    Same for shop. Not sure if the Japanese will survive when I submit this comment so if it looks strange you know what happened.

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    Nice Shirt! Love it! It reminds me of the Mazukachi Robots Shirts thay sold over at Pritoz about a year ago.

    But I like this one more.

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    Hey Michael, thanks for the comment!

    I just checked out and they’ve got some cool shirts and I’ve bookmarked it! Do you run that site?