410BC Releases New Line + $10 Sale

You might know that I am a huge fan of the guys and girls over at 410BC, I really dig what they have been doing the past couple of months. And they’ve been pumping out some amazing tees at an astounding rate! Didn’t they just release a collection of tees a month or so ago?! Either way, I’m not complaining! Definitely another amazing collection of tees from our friends at 410BC. The new tees are available now for $20-$25 but remember that you can save 15% off your next 410BC order with the coupon code “coty” at checkout!

“Nice work! Very unique, classic, memorable style.” – Johnny Cupcakes

And if the new line weren’t enough, 410BC is having a huge $10 sale on their older stuff at their Big Cartel Store so be sure to go pick up a tee from them now – it’s the perfect time!





Her Royal Highness


Der Hund

Ceteris Paribus

Black Sea