The Intern Shirt

I spotted this tee over at Direct Daily, a blog about direct marketing and engaging advertising. It was a T-Shirt that was passed out to interns at the prestigious New York based advertising agency JWT. The shirt featured silkscreened sweet stains and dirt and were given out at the beginning of the internship. It served as an eye opener to the interns as to how hard they were expected to work. It kind of reminds me of college hazing, but hey, I like it!

“JWT New York had a grueling 10-week summer internship for creatives. They were given daily projects and made to work long hours and weekends. To prepare them for the intense experience, they were given t-shirts with silkscreen-printed sweat stains and rips that resembled whip marks. “No interns were actualy harmed. Honest.”


JWT Intern


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    Nice find, Coty! That’s an awesome concept for a tee – very creative on their part.

    Keep doing you!