Coty Loves Threadless #14 – Invisible Awesomeness

It’s Threadless review Monday! Episode #14 is called Invisible Awesomeness because Philip Tseng delivers with his newest design and my Threadless Pick of the Week - The Invisible Gentleman! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out and vote for my TypeTees slogan submissions – I’m submitting one every day until I get printed! Every vote counts so vote for a slogan and help me get printed.

Coty Loves Threadless #14 on YouTube. Also, I’ll give you a hug if you subscribe to me on YouTube!

The Invisible Gentleman by Philip Tseng is my Threadless Pick of the Week!

The Invisible Gentleman by Philip Tseng

Let's Get Physical by Keith Kuniyuki

Carroaaaarsel by Alvaro Arteaga

Nosferatu by Draco

Flamenco by Aneesh kumar .T.K

Mandrillus Sphinx by Rafael Bastos


  1. says

    I wish that I were invisible! Imagine all the amazingly naughty things we could if we were invisible, muahahaha…LOL!