Exalted By Mark.

Exalted By Mark has some excellent tees for sale at his online shop. At the best part? They are all on sale right now for just 10 bucks. And even better, “All $10.00 of your Purchase will go to Make Beats Not Beat Downs in efforts to put a stop to Bullying Through Music.! We must do something people! Rise Up! Free Stuff w/Every Order, could even be a shirt???” Now I have to ask – how are you making money, Mark! Anyhow, great deal for you guys and it’s for a good cause. This is definitely something worth checking out!


Triple Mary



  1. says

    Hey Coty!

    Thank you for posting this brother! Your right haha, I’m not making any money & it’s Great. All my life I have always put money towards what I really believed in and wanted to excel in. Before Exalted, I was a tattoo artist/graphic designer/video game tester. I sold my XBOX 360, Tattoo Machines & Laptop just so I can have money to start my shirt company. Now that I’ve done Exalted for a few years I still want to continue to do it but as of recent, I was really moved by an 11 year-old’s Bully Related Suicide and knew instantly that I had to do something.

    Make Beats Not Beat Downs is a non-profit movement built to help the Bully & the Bullied youth through all aspects of Music. The Emptees community has been highly involved in helping me put this together and all involved will be recognized and lifted high for their great support, gratitude and donations-of-art. Thank you so much for posting this and helping us spread awareness :)

    Mark :)

  2. shelly conde says

    Exalted t-shirts rock! They are coolest material and most unique designs. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!