My Friend Moomba and the PandaBee!

I’m not much of a gardener, myself, but if you know someone that is then you might want to pick up this tee for them from My Friend Moomba! Gabriel Schmand single handedly runs My Friend Moomba and he has an eclectic set of tees at his online store and each of them feature one recurring image – the Moomba mascot, the PandaBee! Super cute. 

The Guardener is printed on a 100% Fine Jersey cotton Navy Blue Tee and is available for $18. Whats even better is that you get 5 Moomba buttons with every order, awesome. The purpletraitor and The Amazon are both available for $15. 

Now say it with me: Moooooombaaaa!

The Guardener

The Purpletraitor

The Amazon Tee