Design By Humans Announces Lil Wayne Winners

The winners of the Lil Wayne design contest at Design By Humans were announced today. After the less than exciting results of the Kings of Leon contest I was a little hesitant to see what the winning design would look like. This time, however, I think both Design By Humans and Lil Wayne got it right and chose an awesome design as the winner. 

bartondamer’s Boombox Starship is a nice mix of classic rock and hip hop. I love that type treatment and the use of the retro boombox. This could easily be the keyart for Lil Wayne’s next album. Unstoppable Beast by Iconblast took 2nd place, while Young Money by burnoneLTD and Wayne in the Membrane by discodean took 3rd and 4th places, respectively. 

Boombox Starship by bartondamer


Young Money by burnoneLTD

Wayne in the membrane by discodean