Get Awesome by Dale Edwin Murray

Dale Edwin Murray has been taking the T-Shirt world by storm and these two tees from A Better Tomorrow are just some of his more recent designs. When Chameleons Go Wrong is the newest tee that is available at A Better Tomorrow and it’s an instant classic. The dialog between the two chameleons left me chuckling for quite some time. In fact, I’ve always, for some reason, had a fascination with chameleons. If I could have superhuman powers, I’d first of all wish to have the power of invisibility (I think I mentioned this before) and if that didn’t work out then I might choose to have chameleon like skin (or maybe super strength, lol). 

Get Awesome is simply an awesome (what other word would I use?) tee. In fact, I might be the perfect person for this tee especially since I use the word awesome on such a regular basis. By the way, best use of the word awesome of recent memory isEwan McGregor in Angels & Demons. You don’t have to watch the movie to hear him say it, just check out the trailer. He says it with such power and conviction, so much so that I will start saying awesome that way from now on. By the way, both of these tees are available now at A Better Tomorrow for just 18,00 € (~$24 US).

When Chameleons Go Wrong

Get Awesome