Punch Out for Wii

Punch Out for the Wii came out today and I am super excited to play it! I was a huge fan of the original Punch Out for the NES, starring none other than Mike Tyson. In fact, I guarantee you that if you were to let me play the original game today that I would still remember the correct duck, duck, side, side, punch combinations for each of the fighters. And am I the only one that thought Mike Tyson was impossibly difficult to defeat! Man, such a fun game. I hope the Wii version is just as fun!

Check out the live action trailers below (via Johnny Cupcakes) and the two Punch Out tees The Bald bull tee is courtesy of Crazy Dog Shirts ($18.99) and the one featuring Doc Louis and Little Mac can be purchased from 80’s Tees ($20). 

Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Bald Bull


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    Hey @oneoftwenty I did pick up the game the day it was released and I loved it! It seriously stayed true to the original.

    I was able to finish the game with the controller in about 3-4 hours. If you played the original then the memories will slowly trickle in and will help you to figure out how to beat each opponent. They did add a few new fighters as well which was fun to see.

    I’ve read that using the motion/nunchuks instead of the controls is brutal and definitely harder than just using the controller. I myself have not yet tried fighting with the motion option just yet but I will once I return from my trip!